10 Best Auto Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

To pick out the best auto vacuums for hardwood floors, you’ll need to consider a few factors. For instance if you own a cat or dog which sheds a lot then you’d probably want to go for vacuum with HEPA filter for getting rid of bristles. Similarly, for family members who spills a lot you must choose mopping robot vac.  Some vacs also come with WiFi connectivity so it mainly depends on your requirements. 

10 Best Auto Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum

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Everybody wants to maintain the luster and shine of their pricey hardwood floors. With the right robot vac, you can keep them away from dust, dirt, and pet hairs without hassle. This amazing state-of-the-art robot vac is the answer to all your hard floor cleaning needs. It may be super thin, but it packs with an unsurpassed suction power yet gentle on your hardwood floor. It uses drop sensing sensors to prevent accidental dropping off stairs and ledges. It comes with large wheels that easily glide on carpets and climb over door ledges for non-stop cleaning operation. Its multiple cleaning modes ensure effortless and thorough cleaning while you are in the office. The 0.6L dustbin is large enough to hold dust and other particulate matters for the entire 100-minute cleaning duration. On top of that, this model is always ready to clean. This means the robot vac returns to its charging dock and automatically recharges itself when the battery is low.

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2. Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong Suction, App Control, and Scheduling, Route Planning, Handles Hard Floors and Carpets Ideal for Homes with Pets

 This excellent robot vacuum is a multipurpose vac that can vacuum and wet mop simultaneously. It is efficient and intelligent that it cleans faster and automatically avoids random bumping. The dual-gyroscopes and dual optical motion tracking sensors evaluate every movement and create efficient cleaning routes to speed up the cleaning task. The 5200mah battery is large enough to sustain 2.5 hours of a nonstop cleaning operation. Additionally, it delivers multiple cleaning modes for more flexibility to get the perfect cleaning result. The tangle free design automatically clears all brushes and wheels from tangles to minimize cleaning maintenance. Using the Mi Home app, you can set the cleaning parameter where the device only cleans the designated spot. Another way of spot cleaning is to manually press the Spot clean button of the device to make spot cleaning easier. Lastly, the high-efficiency air filter eliminates 99.2% of dust and other airborne particles. 

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3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi, Super-Thin, 1500Pa Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum

This model is the latest and the most modern intelligent robot vac from the Eufy line of vacuum cleaners. It includes Wifi connectivity that enables you to control and command through your Smart phone app – Amazon Echo, Alexa, or Google Assistant. The voice-control service allows you to complete your vacuuming task without exerting much effort. Its 3-point cleaning system, use three brushes and superior suction power, to untangle, remove, and suck dirt to give unmatched cleaning result. The 1500Pa suction strength enables the vac to vacuum more dust and dirt to give your floor a superfluous polished look. Its large wheels navigate across carpets and climb over ledges to clean up the mess it detects. Additionally, you can set up cleaning parameters so the vac will only clean the spot you want it to clean. The anti-collision sensors prevent the vac from bumping into walls and obstacles without human intervention for a non-stop cleaning result. 

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4. Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal-Empties Itself, Wi-Fi Connected, Ideal for Pet Hair

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If you have a large space to clean and need intense suction and optimum convenience, this model is the perfect solution. It automatically empties the dirt it collects into the disposable Allergen lock bag that can hold dust and dirt up to 60 days. So you don’t have to worry about vacuuming for months. The power-lifting suction provides superior airpower that is ten times stronger than its counterparts. The imprint smart mapping system is smart enough to learn, map, and adapt to your entire house’s floor plan. Additionally, this model is capable of synchronizing with Braava jet robots to clean simultaneously for more precise and thorough cleaning. The premium 3-stage cleaning system eliminates visible dirt and pet hairs as well as invisible allergens and airborne particles to give you cleaner and fresher air to breathe. Lastly, this includes Wifi connectivity enabling you to control the vac through your phone using iRobot app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. 

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5. Robot Vacuum- Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

Among the most popular robot vacuums on the market, this model is one of the top-of-the-line vacs. It comes with a 3-stage cleaning system that efficiently eliminates all dust, allergens, and other invisible particulate matters from carpets and floors. The Dual multi-surface brushes work in sync to effectively remove dust, dirt, and large debris. Its dirt-detect system alerts the device to give more focus on tough dirt and grimes. The auto-adjust cleaning head automatically adjusts to different floor surface levels to clean both carpets and hard floors effectively. Its edge sweeping brush comes with a 27-degree angle to efficiently sweep away dust and debris away from edges and corners. The entire set of sensors enables the robot vac to navigate beneath and around furniture for a thorough and efficient cleaning result. Lastly, this robot vac automatically returns to its charging dock and recharge itself when it runs out of battery. 

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6. Ultra Slim, Automatic Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum for Cleaning Hardwood Floors, Medium-Pile

Make your daily cleaning habit much easier and smarter with this state-of-the-art robot vacuum. It comes with a 1400pa powerful suction capable of picking up all dust, dirt, hairs, and allergens on both carpet and hard floors. The 4 selective cleaning modes enable the vac to adjust automatically to match with various types of messes and floor surfaces. With the use of remote control, you can activate, schedule, and customize your cleaning choices. Its auto-adjust cleaning head automatically increases its suction power to adapt to various mess intensity. Furthermore, it auto-adjust its height to efficiently clean hard-surfaced floors and medium-pile carpets for a flawlessly clean home.  The Li-ion battery offers a 2600mah power to provide a 110-minute nonstop cleaning operation. Additionally, this robot vac delivers a large dustbin that is capable of holding up to 300ml dirt. Lastly, it offers a double-filter system that effectively captures and traps dust and other particles inside the vacuum.

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7. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 1800Pa Strong Suction, App Control, Route Planning for Pet Hair, Hard Floor


Do you want a robotic vac that takes away all the hassles of a heavy duty traditional vacuum cleaner? Well, this model is the perfect fit for all your vacuuming and cleaning needs. It comes with plenty of smart features, cleaning abilities, and artificial intelligence.  The dual-gyro system and the motion tracking sensors let the machine map out the entire floor area of your house. This is to enable the machine to create an effective cleaning path for every area of your house. The full suite sensors include drop avoidance, anti-collision, trap prevention, as well as self-charging presumption. These sensors prevent the vac from bumping into walls and dropping off the ledges and stairs. The auto-carpet boost detects carpets; thus, it automatically shifts to maximum suction power, without losing suction. If it runs out of battery juice, the device returns to its dock and recharge. It resumes to where it has left off when it has stored enough power to complete the task.

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8. Selective Room Cleaning, Super Strong Suction, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Works with

This model is a 2-in-1 vac that you can use as a vacuum or a mop to thoroughly clean various floor surfaces around the home. It offers a laser mapping system that enables the vac to navigate your house as it cleans and stores the information it needs. Using the information it gathers, it creates a map of the entire floor plan for quick and efficient cleaning. The multiple cleaning modes allow you to choose the best mode to match with the type of floor surfaces you want to clean. Additionally, this vac is wifi ready, that you can easily connect it with your Smart phone using the Mi Home App, Alexa, or Google Assistant. This cyclone 3D cleaning system includes powerful fan works that provide 2000Pa suction power that lossens and removes embedded dirt, dust, and fine pet hairs. Moreover, it comes with an ultra-high battery capacity that enables the machine to clean up to 150 minutes without suction loss. 

9. Robotic Vacuum, Lidar Navigation, Selective Room Cleaning, No-mop Zones

Like the other robot vac in the Roborock beeline of vacuum cleaners, this model is a hybrid vacuum with unsurpassed suction power and cleaning features. This model offers a large tank capacity that can hold up to 290ml of water. The app-controlled mopping, on the other hand, allows you to control the amount of water to use, to avoid spillage and muddles inside the house. Additionally, this device uses virtual mapping that activates the Virtual no-go and the virtual no-mop zones. This feature enables you to set parameters to separate each area of the house and prohibit or allow the robot to access a particular area. The selective clean settings enable you to choose specific or multiple rooms to immediately clean or schedule. Moreover, this machine recognizes your voice that you can activate and command it using your voice. When this machine runs out of juice, it automatically returns to its docking station to recharge. 

10. Robot Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with Adaptive Routing

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Combat stubborn dirt and dust with this robotic vac that comes with superior vacuum strength and cleaning powers. It is the smartest robotic vac that is capable of learning, mapping, and recognizing each room sizes and shapes. For that, you can set a cleaning schedule for each room or even the entire house. Additionally, the suction power of this vac is strong enough that it can lift AA batteries. Despite being powerful, this vac does not produce loud noise that may disturb the people around you. Moreover, this vac includes the largest batteries that can provide enough power to last up to 3-hours of non-stop cleaning operation. The self-clean brushrolls automatically untangles trapped hairs without human intervention. When it detects carpets and rugs, it automatically increases suction power up to maximum strength for efficient and thorough deep cleaning performance. Lastly, its full suite sensors work simultaneously to prevent sudden bumps and drop off from stairs and ledges.

Best Auto Vacuums for Hardwood Floors