8 Best Vacuums for Tile Floors

Unlike shag carpets, tile floors are not really challenging to clean up with vacuum. However, you need to consider a lot of things before choosing the perfect vacuums for tile floors. Regular vacuums are not thought to clean tile floors as neatly as they should. They do leave a dirt behind sometimes. The best vacuum for tile floors must have a specialized brush but it should be non motorized too so you can easily move around your floor.   

8 Best Vacuums for Tile Floors

1) Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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The only stick vacuum cleaner that matches the power of large vacs, but with a cord-free versatility. The Torque drive cleaner head is powerful enough to drive ground-in dirt from the carpets efficiently. The DC motor inside the brush bar allows the machine to dig its stiff bristles into the carpet to loosen deeply embedded dirt.  In addition, this versatile vacuum is convertible; you can easily transform it from stick into a handheld device for quick cleanups, and reaching difficult spaces. When using non-motorized tool, the run time power of this device reaches up to 60 minutes. If you are using the suction mode, the run time decreases. You can only use it for 20 minutes. What makes this machine remarkable is its cyclone technology. It delivers 14 concentric cyclones that generate power to drive microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, and allergens direct into the bin. The instant release-trigger that accompanies this model allows the machine to use battery power only when it is in use.

2) Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue

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The V11 stick vacuum is a premium breed of cleaning tool. It is the latest addition to the lines of Dyson vacuum cleaner. Moreover, this is the most technologically advanced and more expensive among the Dyson vacs. What makes this model special is that it is capable to distinguish various floor surfaces and thus change its suction power automatically to match with the task. Another notable feature of this machine is the cleaner head itself with stiff nylon bristles capable of removing tough dirt and hair from the carpets. On top of that, anti-static carbon fiber filaments come along with this machine to capture all the dust and particles hiding deep into the crevices. Additionally, this model delivers an LCD screen at the top of the handle allowing you to see the actual remaining battery time. The whole machine filtration system captures 99.97% of dust and other microscopic particles, keeping you safe from allergens.

3) Compact C1 Pure Suction canister vacuum cleaner

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Among the plethora of vacuum cleaners on the market these days, this model is a powerful and versatile machine with Smart technology that allows the machine to detect various types of floor surfaces. Thanks to its Exclusive AirClean Sealed System that captures fine dust and particulate matters, thus allowing you to breathe fresh and clean air inside your home. The AirCLean dustbag that comes along with this unit is a no mess disposable bag that lets you dispose it without getting your hands messy. In addition, this model offers a 1,200-watt vortex machine that delivers 6 suction settings, which you can control using the rotary dial. Another notable attribute of this machine is the stainless steel telescopic wand that enables you to clean floor-to-ceiling spaces efficiently. It is capable of adjusting its working height with a simple touch of a button. On top of that, this model also delivers a locking system that locks the parts and accessories tightly with just one click. 

4) Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning with Powered Lift-Away Hand 

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From the maker of the Shark new generation vacuum cleaner comes this powerful cleaning device that stands out in terms of ease of use and performance. It comes with the most advanced technological innovations that makes it versatile and unmatched in terms of cleaning capability. What makes this model a top-notch is the DuoClean Technology that can perform deep cleaning on carpets and bare floors. It has a dual brush roll system that works in sync to pick up the toughest dirt and fine hairs on both carpet and smooth bare floor surfaces.  The noise reduction system that comes along with this vac is another feature to take note. The Powered-Lift Away system allows you to detach the canister to let you deep clean hard to reach area. Moreover, the Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures dirt and dust, and expels clean and fresh air to breathe inside your home. On the other hand, the Active Glide technology works for an easy mobility and maneuverability of the machine.

5) Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with MultiFLEX, DuoClean for Carpet & Hardfloor

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If you want a vacuum that is powerful and twice the cleaning capability of most cordless vacuum cleaner, then choose this versatile and multipurpose model from Shark. This cordless vacuum cleaner delivers 2 interchangeable lithium ion batteries that prolong the run time of this machine. While using the other battery, you can charge the other one for an extended cleaning operation time. Its DuoClean technology comes along with two brushroll that automatically adjust to various surfaces such as carpets or hard floors. The multiplex technology on the other hand, allows you to maneuver on hard to reaches spaces easily as the wand is super flexible that you can even bend it. The other attribute of this model is its convertible system, where you can easily transform this machine into a handheld vac. Since it is light and handy, you can carry it anywhere you go. You can even climb up and down the stairs without exerting much effort.

6) Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with 5200mAh Battery Capacity for Pet Hair, Carpet & Hard Floor

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Among the number of robotic vacuum cleaners on the market today, the Roborock S5 is the best-value robot vacuum cleaner. It is the most intelligent vacuum cleaner that can do route mapping of your entire house. It can scan any spaces in your house in a 360-degree angle and simultaneously map a room perimeter using a laser. When cleaning, the robot can zoom up and down to make sure every inch of the room is thoroughly clean.  In addition, this machine delivers a powerful and strong suction power suitable for both hard floors and soft carpets.  Not only that, it carries multiple cleaning modes that you can choose to match with the cleaning task you desire. The other notable feature of this machine is the Mi Home App where you can schedule the next cleaning task as well as the specific area of your house you want to clean. You can also View the cleaning progress and information using this app. 

7) Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs

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Are you looking for a Cordless vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and at the same time wash your floors? Then the solution is here using this model. This state-of-the-art cordless vacuum combines design and technology to give you an unmatched cleaning satisfaction.  One extraordinary attribute of this machine is the length of its battery power. When properly charged, this model offers a 30-minute runtime using the 36-volt lithium-ion battery. Since this is cordless, you are free to move from room to room or even climb up and down the stairs without a fuss. What makes this machine remarkable is its Wifi connectivity; it enables you to tract and schedule cleaning activities through your phone using an app. The other notable attribute of this unit is its Multi-surface cleaning. It enables the machine to adjust to various types of flooring and automatically shift its suction power to match with the task.

8) Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Graphite Grey

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Another breakthrough from Miele Vacuum cleaners is the Blizzard CX1. It is a bagless vac most suitable for hardwood floors. Since it only weighs 9 pounds, this model is quite light and perfect for a smaller house. This machine delivers a variety of cleaning tools and accessories, which effectively clean low pile carpets, area rugs and other smooth floor surfaces. Unlike the other canister vacs, this one is quieter; thanks to its noise reduction technology. The other notable feature of this model is the Pure Suction Combination Floorhead that makes cleaning more precise and efficient. The Powerful Vortex technology provides the deepest cleaning performance you ever need in a vacuum cleaner. The Parquet Twister Floorhead on the other hand, is capable of cleaning delicate hard floor surface using its soft bristles.  On top of that, the maintenance-free HEPA Lifeline Filters and Gore Clean Stream Fine Dust Filters protect you from all allergens. 

9 Things to Consider before buying Tile Floor Vacuums

  • Brush roll

Just like vacuum cleaners, floor surfaces come in various types. For that, it is essential to find vacuum cleaners with appropriate brushrolls. Tile floors pose a unique challenge for vacuum cleaners since some houses use carpet coverings to ease the coldness of the floor. In this manner, when you choose a vacuum cleaner you need to consider a vacuum cleaner  that is efficient not only on tiled floor but also capable of deep cleaning carpets as well. Find one that offers brushrolls with both hard and soft bristles to ensure you won’t damage both carpet and tile surface.  

  • Types of tiles

There are various types of tiles in the market; however varied they are, they all come in just two forms – the glazed and the unglazed or quarry types. Although, both forms are fragile, the glazed one is more delicate and glossy; thus dust and dirt are easy to clean. On the other hand, the unglazed tiles are shiny as well, but the surface is not smooth; for that reason, dirt and grimes have a tendency to stick to its grooves.  Therefore, you need to find a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction power to remove those deeply embedded dirt and dust. 

  • Suction power

The most important thing to take into consideration in choosing a vacuum cleaner is the suction power. Considering that tile surfaces are not the same, it is important that you must check the type of suction power that matches the tile flooring you have. If you have a glossy or smooth surfaced-tile, then find a vacuum cleaner that has a standard or medium suction power and airflow.  As for those unglazed tiles, you need a super strong suction power to make sure it can pick up dirt buried in the tile grooves.  

  • Filtration system

Whatever floor types you want to clean Filtration system is an important factor to consider. This is to ensure you will not compromise your health. In choosing a vacuum cleaner, find one that has multiple filtration system or one that comes with a HEPA filtration system. This type of filtration system captures 99.97% of dirt and allergens and expels clean and fresh air for you to breathe. Although, some vacs does not use HEPA filters, it does not mean it is not capable of filtering dust, dirt and other particulate matters well. As long as they have multiple filter layers, then rest assured this type of vacs are as efficient in filtering particulate matters as the one with HEPA filtration system. 

  • Grout lines

Despite its resistance to dirt, tiled floors face cleaning issues such as the grout lines in   between the tiles. In cleaning grout lines you need to consider the types of grout lines – the wide, narrow, deep, and shallow. Wider grout lines are not that much difficult to clean, unlike the narrow ones. If your floor has narrow and deep grout lines you need to find a vacuum cleaner with a superior suction power and a powerful airflow. This is to ensure that it can pick up deeply embedded dirt and dust buried in the grout lines. As for the wide and shallow grout line, a medium strength suction power is enough since dirt and dust are not buried deeply and the space is wide enough for the vacuum to pick it up. 

  • Versatility

There is a plethora of vacuum cleaners on the market these days; however, only a few are capable of cleaning tile surfaces efficiently. When you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your tiled-floor, it is necessary for you to consider the versatility of the machine. This means you need to find one that is capable to clean not just tiles, but your carpet and rugs at the same time, since not all tiled floors are bare; some use carpets and rugs. Another noteworthy point to remember is the capability of the vac to automatically adjust to various floor surfaces. This is to ensure that you will not damage the shiny surface of your tiles. 

  • Soft rubber wheels

When choosing the best vacuum cleaner for a tiled floor, you need to consider the mobility and maneuverability of the machine. Some vacuum cleaners come with rubberized wheels while others are only equipped with an easy glide system that is very suitable for carpets only.

 Since you are using tiles for your flooring, you need a machine that is powerful and tough on dirt, but gentle enough to handle the shiny and glossy surface of your tiles. This means find a cleaning machine that delivers rubberized wheels to make sure it will not scratch the surface of your tiles and damage it in the long run. 

  • Capacity of bin

Basically, the capacity of the bin is almost universal when it comes to finding the best vacuum cleaner.  Whether you are using tiles, hardwood, vinyl, or carpet on your flooring, it is essential to take into consideration the capacity of the bin or bags. Most vacuum cleaners claim they have large bin capacity, but when you check with the other brand, you will find that the bin capacity of brand X is larger than brand Y. For this reason, always check the manual and see how much dust and dirt a particular cleaner holds. If, you want a continuous and uninterrupted cleaning action, better find one that has the largest bin capacity. 

  • Floor area

Apart from the types of floor surfaces, it is essential to take into consideration the floor area of your house, office, or commercial space. This is because; there are vacuum cleaners that are specially designed for commercial use only. These machines are huge and come with superior and strong suction power, which is not advisable for household use. So, if your house has a medium or small floor area, find a vac that is specifically for home use only, but the suction power is equivalent to those commercial vacs.