8 Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors in 2021

Hardwood floors are turning out to be increasingly common these days. As the flooring evolves so is the cleaning. People often choose vacuums randomly but you know what you can pick up vacuums based on your hardwood floors. That is to say that there are vacuums which are designed especially for hardwood floors. Our experts have compiled some of the best hard floors vacuums. One important thing to keep in mind before choosing wood floor vacs is that your vacuum doesn’t necessarily need to have rollers. Rollers are required only for carpet cleaning. Since these rollers can cause scratches on your hardwood you’d probably want one that doesn’t have one. Vacuums with soft bristles will probably do a job. 

8 Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors in 2021

  1. Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux

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If you are planning to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, one that is ultra-light and with superior quality, then this vac is perfect for you. This upright vac only weighs 8 lbs., but it is extremely versatile and durable. What makes this type of vacuum stand out is its long-lasting powerful suction . It has the ability to do deep cleaning job on both carpet and hardwood. This upright tool is convertible that you can easily switch from upright to a handheld vacuum for a more thorough floor-to-ceiling cleaning. You can reach and clean farther distance; thanks to its 30-foot power supply cord length. In addition, this tool comes with an advanced swivel steering that makes it easier to clean hard to reach areas especially those under the furniture. On top of that, the LED light is very helpful in cleaning dark areas. Like its counterparts, this type of vacuum cleaner offers various tools and accessories. 

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2. Upright Vacuum for Carpet and HardFloor Cleaning, Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap, & Powered Lift-Away with Hand Vacuum, Espresso

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The number one selling point of this type of this upright vacuum cleaner is its powerful cleaning ability using its DuoClean technology. It is capable to vacuum large debris and particles and thoroughly clean hard floors making it clean and shiny. Its Powered Lift Away allows you to clean spaces under the furniture without bending. You can just push the button and the pod will automatically detach itself and do its cleaning task on hard to reach areas. Thanks to its Zero M system that cleans the brushroll by itself. It is capable in removing various types of hair. LED lights on the handle and floor nozzle comes along with this model, providing light on dark spaces to ensure precise cleaning. Moreover, this machine uses extremely sealed HEPA filtration system to ensure the safety of its users. It captures debris and particulate matters that may cause allergy and store them into its large dust cup. 

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3. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Corded Upright Vacuum with 10 Tools Including Floor & Ceiling Kit and Home Cleaning Kit | HEPA Filtered – Purple

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Planning to purchase a new upright vacuum cleaner? Consider buying this versatile type of upright vacuum cleaner. With its 17.5 pounds weight, it is considered heavy to tag along especially when you are cleaning the stairs. However, it is very efficient for cleaning homes with pets as it comes with special features that are capable of deep cleaning and digging dirt and fine hairs.  This model might be large and heavy but it is strong and durable.  Furthermore, this versatile vac has the ability to clean all types of floors, whether it is hardwood, tiles, vinyl or carpet. It can clean hard-to-reach surfaces like spaces under the bed and furniture; thanks to the swivel mechanism that comes along with this product. Other selling point of this machine is self adjusting cleaner head and the powerful motorized brush bar that allows you to clean thoroughly without interruption. On top of that this unit offers a variety of tools and accessories that are very suitable for your cleaning needs.

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4. Hoover Pet Max Complete Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, UH74110, Blue Pearl

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If you have pets in the house, this model is perfectly right for. It comes with the power necessary to remove debris, dust and other particulate matters most especially various types of hairs. This versatile vacuum cleaner enables you to clean hard floors and carpets with optimal results; thanks to its multi-floor performance system which comes with a brush roll on and off power button. With its quick release wand, you can now efficiently clean from floor to ceiling as this model comes with a 12-feet extended length. Another point to take note is its capacity to block allergen with its Allergen Block Technology. It captures dust, hairs and other airborne particles that cause allergies to sensitive people. An extra-large dirt cup allows you to clean longer without interruption to empty and clean the cup. Additionally, just like other vac out on the market, this model offers a variety of tools and accessories. 

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5. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner, 81L2A Stick Vacuum, Gray

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This product comes with a sleek design and a unique shape cleaning head that enables to remove large debris and particles easily. It is versatile and extremely powerful that it can do deep cleaning on carpets and hard floors. While other models suck and remove all debris and particles all at once, this type of vac sorts out debris first before pushing it into its dirt container. It sucks larger debris into the center and the smaller one goes to the end of the V shape nozzle. Since its power cord is not that long enough, chances are you cannot reach farther distance. You need to unplug the cord and transfer it to the nearest area you intend to clean. Since it is not bagged, this unit is quite economical, dirt bag replacement is not necessary. All you have to do is to empty the dirt cup and clean it. 

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6. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave

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There’s plenty to like about this model, though it has its drawbacks as well. But first let’s check the things that make this vac lovable. First, this is a pet friendly, purchasing this unit help to save pets all over the globe. Its unique V shape cleaning head is quite impressive as is capable to sort dirt and debris before pushing it into its dirt container. Just like its cousins this vac sucks larger debris into the middle suction and the smaller one goes to the end of the V. Similarly it has superior ability to clean hard floors as well as carpets. Other interesting feature is the two spinning heads which rotate in opposite direction. It comes with large water tank allowing you to clean two or three rooms. Another remarkable feature of this vac is the two pad options; the soft touch pads or the scrubby pads. The soft touch pads is for hard wood and the scrubby one is for well-sealed wood.   

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7. Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SBD285-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool + SBB400-3 Parquet TWI

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This vac is quite popular on the market today. It is suitable for hard floors such as hardwood, tiles, or simply bare floor. It comes with a powerful vortex motors with a 6-speed suction control making this machine versatile and efficient in a variety of cleaning job in your house. For those people with asthma and allergies, this type of tool is perfect for you. This model provides and Airclean Sealed system that is compatible with HEPA filter to ensure safe and clean air. In addition, this vac offers an electric power head and an ergonomic carrying handle that makes it more convenient and easy to transport. Unlike its counterpart, this model produces less noise when in use; thanks to its noise reduction system. Just like the standard vacuum cleaners, this vac carries an assorted cleaning tool kit with a variety of accessories to make cleaning more convenient and efficient. 

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8. Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Corded

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So you are shopping for a vacuum cleaner that suits your needs. Take a look at this model; it comes with an extremely tight HEPA filtration system that keeps you from allergens and other particulate matters. One selling point of this tool is its fashionable design and colors that will surely fit your furniture. What makes this vac remarkable is its vortex motor that produces less noise when in use. In addition a 6-speed setting accompanies this tool with a plus and minus option for an easy maneuver from carpeted areas to hard wood floors. A versatile stainless steel telescopic wand comes along with this tool allowing you to connect attachments and accessories. It is capable to do deep cleaning on your carpet and rugs to make it look like new; thanks to its Electro Premium Power brush. On top of that this model offers a 7-year warranty on its motor and a 5-year warranty on its other parts.

7 Things to consider before buying hardwood floor vacuums 

  1. To keep your house clean a vacuum cleaner is imperative. However finding the best vac that will suit your needs is quite daunting. To help you make up your mind please read. 
  2. When buying a vacuum cleaner first thing you need to determine the type of house you live as well as the space and type of dirt you want to clean. If, you need to keep on transferring from one place to another then a compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner is useful. Just make sure that the motor is powerful for an efficient cleaning result. Versatility is another thing to take into consideration. This means you need to check on the accompanying tools and accessories such as a swivel mechanism with an adjustable handles and wand to reach difficult spaces.
  3. When buying a vacuum cleaner it is important to take note of the suction power of a particular vac. Remember, not all vacs with higher power has powerful suction. Basically suction power depends on various specifications; for that matter vacuum cleaner that is capable to remove both large and small debris on both hard floors and carpet-covered floor is the best. Moreover, with the advancement of technology you can find an all-in-one vacuum cleaner. Meaning to say, find one that has an adjustable suction power setting. Where you can program what type of cleaning and suctioning activity you want to do.
  4. More often than not, when cleaning or vacuuming the house there are some parts which you cannot reach. Either the space is too high or it is underneath a bed or furniture. For this reason, it is essential for you to find a vacuum cleaner that has lighting system. An LED lighting system on its cleaning head or nozzle is perfect. This will give illumination to dark spaces that allows you to see fine debris and particles making cleaning more precise and thorough.
  5. Next thing you need to consider in choosing a vacuum cleaner is the type of brushes it used. If you intend to clean carpeted floors, then choose one with rolling brush. Choose the one that is tangle-free to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted cleaning task. A roller or a beater brush is capable to dig deep into the carpet and collect stubborn dirt and even fine hairs. But if you intend to clean hardwood floor then roller brushes is not suitable. For this reason find a model that has detachable roller brush.
  6. If you want to clean just a small office or room corded vac is useful. Remember, corded vac is more powerful than the cordless one since it directly sucks power from the main unit. For this reason this type of vac is more efficient and reliable especially when you are dealing with carpets. However, you are not free to clean farther distance because the length of the power cord is limited. On the contrary, cordless vacuum cleaner is as powerful as its counterpart. It is very handy and portable. Mobility is quite convenient because you can carry it anywhere. The only downside is it does not last longer than the corded one since the battery will eventually drain. 
  7. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, size matters most. Why? Because when you’re done cleaning you need to tuck your machine away. Purchasing a large unit means you need to find a large space to keep it. While finding a portable or a small vacuum cleaner is less of a hassle. Remember there are vacuum cleaners that only require a small space; you can even tuck it on the wall. Whatever your choices are make sure that you have prepared a suitable place for your vac . 
  8. Basically, all vacuum cleaners come with a variety of tools and accessories. Find one that suits your needs. However, the most highly recommended tools are foot pedals; this will enable you to take full control of your work as it frees your hand from doing other work. Long cords or hoses are fussy; chances are you might trip on the cord while you are cleaning. A cord rewind system is beneficial since it automatically rewind extra cord which you no longer use. Wheel padding on the other hand is instrumental to prevent your floor from scratches and annoying noise when dragging the machine. So when buying a vacuum cleaner see to it  that these essential tools are present.

7 Reasons you need hardwood floor vacs

  •  Vacuum cleaners come in various functions and uses; for this reason you need to choose one that will suit your needs in cleaning hardwood floors.
  • Since hardwood floors are delicate and hard to clean; therefore, it is essential to purchase vacuum cleaners intended for hardwood floors.
  • Hardwood floor vacuums come with the same appearance and power as the standard vac. However, the hardwood vacs are lighter and come with an advanced technology allowing you to adjust its settings to suit your floor surface.
  • Manual or automatic height adjuster is also present in this type of vac for you to adjust to the height most suitable for you for cleaning efficiency.
  • Moreover, hardwood floor vacs have the ability to turn off the brush roll which a standard vacuum cleaner does not have.
  • Brushes are very much appropriate on carpeted floors as they have the capacity to dig deeper into the pile and pick up fine hairs and dusts. However powerful it is, it is not advisable to use them on hardwood floor as it may scratch the surface and damage the floor, unless the bristles are soft and gentle.
  • Remember, hardwood floor is not only for aesthetic purposes, it also adds value to your property.