How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner with No Suction?

There’s no need to buy a new vacuum cleaner if your vacuum doesn’t suck in a way it should. That said, the vacuum doesn’t cease to be a vacuum if it loses its suction power. All you have to do is to fix a vacuum cleaner with no or weak suction. First, you need to identify a problem as to why a vacuum isn’t picking the small dirt on hardwood floor or a carpet.

How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner with No Suction?

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner might be lost due to either of the following reasons:

  1. The Bag might be Full of Dirt
  2. The Height setting is Wrong
  3. The Hose is Clogged
  4. The Vacuum might not be Airtight
  5. The Roller might be Clogged

1.) The Bag might be Full of Dirt

If your vacuum isn’t picking up the dirt and you feel like you are simply moving a dead brush on a carpet then the first thing that should come to your mind is that its bag might be full of dirt. When the vacuum’s bag it isn’t going to suck any dirt at all. Well, it depends on the brand, generally its pretty straightforward to empty the vacuum bag. However, you are advised to consult a manual if you’re doing it for the first time.

2.) The Height setting might be Wrong

Sometimes, it so happens that the height of the vac is probably too high that it just couldn’t reach properly to the floor. Often comes a vacuum with a dial or lever with the help of which you can adjust height setting. The lowest number (ranging from 1 to 5) is for the hard tiles or bare floor. If you’re using in on a tile then you’d need to set it to ‘One’. If your carpet is not very thick then you can use the lowest number for a carpet too just like you used it on a tile.

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3.) The Hose might be Clogged

If the previous two problems didn’t fix the vacuum then the vacuum’s hoses might have possibly been clogged. Actually it so happens that extra stuff gets into the hose pipe and blocks just about anything from getting into the canister or a bag. You can also take a look at the hole where it connects to the vacuum you’ll probably see a blockage. Sometimes the hair are so thick and in large numbers that they can get stuck in the hose. One way to clean the hose is to detach it entirely and remove all the hair however, if you get a tweezer then you can easily pull out hair.

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Nonetheless, if either of the two ways doesn’t work then what you need to detach the entire hose and hold one end (which is unclogged) and spin it in the air for as fast as you can. The spinning force will push the hair to the open end from where you can pull out all hair at once.

4.) The Vacuum might not be Airtight

A vacuum cleaner creates a vacuum to pick up the dirt. If there is a gap in the hose which allows the air to escape then your vacuum wouldn’t probably suck. While it’s not so difficult to see the gap sometimes it can be no-brainer mistake. Just so you know that there is a gap at a point where the hose attaches to the vacuum. You might have probably forgot to get it back in case you’ve pulled the hose earlier. You cannot blame your vacuum if you left the air gap to escape.

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5.) The Roller might be Clogged

The last you need is that your vacuum’s roller is all wrapped with hair. If that is so, your vacuum would fail to pick up the dirt. It happens when you own a pet dog or cat which loses a lot of hair all over the carpet. You can pull out the hair using a sharp pair of scissors.