How to Fix Dyson Vacuum Brush not Spinning? – Problem Solved

Often does it happen that a Dyson vacuum brush stop spinning because long hair are stuck in the brush. It’s not uncommon especially in homes where people own long-haired dogs or cats. These long hair likely jams the brush as a result of which the brush stops spinning. Let’s see how you can fix a Dyson vacuum brush one that is not spinning.

How to Fix Dyson Vacuum Brush not Spinning? – Problem Solved

All you need to do is to pull the debris gently from the brush and that’s it. However, if there are a lot of hair stuck in the brush then you’d probably want to take the entire brush out of the housing and pull the hair. But if there are no hair clogged in the brush and it stops spinning then the drive belt maybe the next suspect followed by the motor itself. First, you need to understand why the brush isn’t spinning.

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Why the Brush is not Spinning

  1. Sometimes, the cleaner head setting is not quite as it should be. Dyson vacuums have different settings for hardwood floors and for thick carpets. If you’re cleaning bare floor you make sure that the head cleaning is set low so the brush reaches to the floor. Similarly, in case of carpets the height number is somewhere in between the highest and the lowest number.
  2. Dyson vacuums are meant to be locked when they are placed in an upright position. The brush is disengaged when the vacuum is idle. You can unlock the button using your foot.
  3. A few Dyson vacuums come with removeable cleaner heads and if it isn’t properly locked into position the motor brush might not operate.

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How to Fix the Brush when it is Clogged with Hair?

Step 1

If the long hair of your pet has prevented the brush from spinning then first you need to unplug the vacuum and flip it upside down on the floor. Put it in a position so you can have a clear view of the brush.

Step 2

Now you’ll probably need to take the soleplate from the brush. You can do this by turning three or four locking screws.

Step 3

Pull the hair one by one using scissors but you need to be careful as you shouldn’t cut the brush bristles on the brush bar.

Step 4

If you believe the hair are way too long and they wind around the brush in just about every angle you may want to disengage the brush. By so doing, you can easily take all hair at once.

Step 5

Put the brush bar back into its place by doing the reverse engineering you did to disengage it. This should fix the vacuum brush.

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How to Fix the Brush When the Belt is Broken?

In some Dyson vacuums, it’s the rubber drive belt that connects the vacuum brush to the motor. Sometimes, this belt gets weaken or even broken too. In that case you’ll need to buy a brand new belt one that is recommended for your specific Dyson vacuum. The recommended belt will last longer than the cheaper ones.

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum the lay it on the bare floor so you can see the brush bar. If however, you see a direct-drive mechanism that connects the bar then there’s no belt to replace.

Step 2

Depending on the Dyson model, you need to take off the cover and disassemble the head. If the belt is broken you can simply pull it out, however if it is still intact then you’ll use lifting tool to disengage it from the brush bar. Sometimes, you cannot see the belt in which case you’d need to remove the cover from the side.

Step 3

Replace the old or broken belt with the brand new recommended. You’ll need flat-head screwdriver to install the new belt.