Top 10 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

You’ll be able to browse some of the best handheld vacuum cleaners for the year 2020. All these vacuums are pretty cheap too. All of these vacuums are under one hundred dollars. 

Top 10 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners


BLACK+DECKER Cordless Handheld Vacuum

This lightweight handheld vac comes with a sleek design and impressive features. It offers a 16-volt powerful Lithium-ion battery that is ideal for everyday cleaning and quick cleanup operation. The cyclonic system of this machine separates dirt from the airflow to keep its filter clean and enhance suction power. The transparent bagless dirt bowl is large enough to hold up to 20.6 ounces of dust. This bowl is clear enough for you to see through when it is full and needs you to release the dirt. Its SmartCharge Technology protects the machine by automatically shutting off when the battery is fully charged. The crevice tools allow you to clean tight spaces, like tight floor gaps and corners efficiently. The brushes, on the other hand, loosen deeply embedded dirt, dust, and fine hairs inside the carpet pile and hard floors. On top of that, this model comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This model is the latest edition from the lines of the Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner. It combines its robust performance with a lot of useful featuresIts lithium-ion battery delivers a 30-minute runtime and fade-free suction. Since it is a lightweight and cordless vac, so you can easily carry the machine anywhere. This device boasts its .15-gallon dust bin capacity that is large enough to lessen the emptying gaps between cleaning tasks. Additionally, this unit offers a hygienic dirt ejector that releases dust and dirt trapped inside by a simple push of a button. Moreover, this vac delivers two cleaning modes – Max mode provides extra suction power and the Power Mode for longer cleaning operation. Another notable feature is a crevice tool for a precise and thorough cleaning of corners and narrow gaps on the floor. Lastly, the 2-tier radial cyclones separate dirt and debris from the airflow, thus enhancing the suction power of the machine.


Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless handheld vac is ideal for quick cleanup around the house or the interior of your carIts lightweight design makes cleaning easy anytime and anywhere you go. This device comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that provides impressive fade-free performance. The crevice tool lets you clean tight spaces such as narrow gaps, corners, and crevices easily. Since it is portable and lightweight, you can climb the stairs with this machine without exerting much energy. Moreover, this machine delivers an extra-large dust cup for an uninterrupted cleaning operation. An easy-release dirt ejector empties the dust bin with just one touch of a button. Another remarkable attribute of this machine is its bagless dust bin that eliminates the use of replacement bags, thus saves you a lot of money. Moreover, the washable and reusable filters are another cost-efficient feature of this model that can save a lot of bucks. Lastly, the sleek and compact design makes this model easy to tuck away.


Shark Handheld Vacuum, Charging Dock, Single Touch 

This machine is a combination of sleek design and powerful performance to give you an efficient and superior cleaning result. At 1.4 pounds, this vac is the lightest in the market these days. Despite its weight, this device offers a tremendous suction power, thanks to its high-speed brushless motor. The tapered nozzle makes it easy to pick up large debris and fine dust on various surfaces. The Dust capacity of this model is not quite significant. Still, it is large enough for daily cleaning and quick cleanup operation. Additionally, this machine delivers a one-touch debris emptying system. You can release the dust and dirt trapped inside the canister with just a touch of a button. Its crevice tool can clean corners, tight spaces, and narrow floor gaps thoroughly. Lastly, this model delivers an ion charging dock with an accessory storage tray for fast charging and easy tool access.


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum

It is powerful enough to pick up the most delicate pet hair embedded inside the carpet piles. This vac is lightweight and compact to allow for easy mobility and quick cleanup operation. It is designed to eliminate pesky pet hairs and dander inside the house. This machine comes with a 16-foot power cord that allows you to reach a considerable distance with lesser trips to the main line. Its cyclonic cleaning system separates dirt from the airflow to improve suction power. The 0.78-liter dust cup capacity is sufficient for a quick cleanup operation. The multi-layer filtration captures and traps dust and other airborne particles that may cause allergy. Furthermore, this model includes a specialized rubber nozzle that is efficient in picking up stubborn pet hair or dirt on the carpet, upholstery, and stairs. Lastly, this unit delivers a complete set of tools and accessories for efficient cleaning performance.


Dirt Devil Scorpion Small Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This is the only vac on the market that provides an upright power with a portable vac convenience. It comes with a 16-foot power cord length that allows you to clean around the room or your car interiors with ease. The 7-amp motor gives it a superior suction power that quickly picks up the finest dust and large debris embedded in the carpet and hard floors. Its Quick Flip crevice tool is versatile enough to thoroughly clean tight spaces like narrow floor gaps, corners, couch cushions, and car seats. The .45-liter dust cup capacity allows you to clean for a considerable time before it gets full. Additionally, a detachable 2.5-foot hose will enable you to clean hard-to-reach spaces, like under areas under the car seats and around pedals.  This machine is more economical and cost-efficient. Its washable and reusable filters allow you to save a lot of bucks, so say goodbye to replacement filters.


Shark Rocket Ultra-Light with TruePet Mini Motorized Brush

This is the only portable vacuum cleaner that never loses suction power or juice. It is ideal for daily cleaning operations or quick cleanups on various surfaces. The True Pet Motorized Brush enables the machine to deep-clean surfaces and picks up pet hairs and debris. A Hygienic Easy-to-empty dust cup allows you to release the dust and dirt inside the bin by pushing a button. Its 15-foot long power cord gives you the freedom to clean the entire room without recharging.  The 3.4-amp motor gives superior suction power for nonstop start-to-finish cleaning performance.  Additionally, this model is cost-efficient and more economical to use since you don’t have to buy replacement filters. In essence, you can wash and reuse them anytime. The flexible hose attachment extends your reach to effectively clean hard-to-reach spaces. Lastly, the crevice tool allows you to thoroughly clean tight spaces, like corners and narrow floor gaps.


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded

Pet hairs on upholstery and car seats are the toughest things to remove since sofas and cushions have various contours. This machine, with its superior suction power along with appropriate cleaning tools, will solve this problem.  The flexible rubber nozzle automatically adjusts with the contours of your sofa and chairs to efficiently pick up fine pet hairs and dust. Its cyclonic cleaning system separates dirt and debris from the airflow to improve suction power. A multi-layer filtration system with HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and particulate matters. These filters do trap not only particulate matters but also expel clean and fresh air inside the room.  Its 16-foot power cord enables you to clean and move around the room quickly. The 0.78 liters dirt cup capacity is sufficient to clean the entire room with lesser trips to the trash can. Moreover, this model delivers an easy-to-empty technology that lets you empty the contents without touching the bin.


Shark Handheld Vacuum, Lightweight with Powerful Suction

This vacuum cleaner is another impressive cleaning machine from Shark. This lightweight vac comes with a superior cleaning quality to handle everyday messes.  Its impressive suction power comes from a high speed, brushless motor. At 1.4 pounds, this ultra-light device is easy to carry even for cleaning up and down the stairs. For daily cleaning operation, the 0.08 quarts dust cup capacity is sufficient. It minimizes the emptying of its contents too frequently between cleaning tasks. Also, this unit provides a one-touch debris emptying system that lets you release the contents of the bin, with just a push of a button. Its tapered nozzle can pick up large debris, fine hairs, and dust quite easily. Moreover, the crevice tools enable the machine to zero in tight spaces, corners, and narrow gaps. An LED light indicator gives off a signal showing the remaining battery life and charging status. The Ion charging dock comes, with an accessory tray, for fast charging and easy access.


Homasy Portable Handheld and Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Cordless, Powerful Cyclonic Suction 

This is a state-of-the-art machine due to its sleek design and powerful suction power. The 100-watt motor provides superior suction strength to eliminate even the tiniest particle hiding deep inside the sofa and mattresses. Its Lithium-ion batteries offer a 30-minute runtime for more prolonged and extended cleaning operation. A 600-ml dust cup capacity gives you the freedom to clean the room with minimum trips to the trash can. Moreover, this machine delivers various attachments to help you clean corners, tight spaces, and hard-to-reach spots. It includes a rubber jar enabling the device to vacuum up to 100-ml of liquid. Another notable feature is the three-stage filtration system with superior and unmatched filtering and dust-cleaning result. The filters are washable and reusable, thus making this machine more economical and cost-efficient. Lastly, its fast-charge Technology allows the device to charge the batteries safely and quickly.   

Whether handheld or not, suction power is the most crucial factor you need to consider. You can determine the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner through its suction strength. Some brands will specify the suction power while others don’t. If suction power is not indicated, then use the motor’s power rating in finding the approximate value. Moreover, it also depends on the type on the surface you want to clean. A high-traffic house needs a higher suction power, while a low-traffic home requires a moderate suction power.

Handheld vacuum cleaner generally has smaller dust bin capacity than the standard upright vacs. If you live in a high-traffic house with plenty of waste to clean, then a large dust bin capacity is perfect for you. The dust bin capacity you choose will depend on the size of your cleaning area and the frequency of your cleaning operation. Always remember the larger dust bin capacity lessens the emptying gaps; thus, speeds up your cleaning task.

Comfort and convenience are among the apparent reasons why you want a vacuum cleaner. To maneuver around hard-to-reach spots, you need a lightweight vac. Handheld vacs usually differ in weight; some weighs 0.7kgs while others are at 2.3kgs. Remember, the weight of the machine increases with its features, i.e., the more features it has, the heavier it gets.

The intention of buying a handheld vacuum cleaner is solely for convenience. Having a corded vacuum that wraps around your legs, arms, chairs, or the tables is annoying. Despite the nuisance, corded vac offers other conveniences. For example, it does not run out of juice; thus, your time for cleaning is unlimited. Cordless vacs are ideal for quick cleanup tasks. Furthermore, they are versatile that you can easily convert them into handheld vacs to clean hard-to-reach spaces. On top of that, you can clean for more extended hours or climb stairs using these vacs without exerting much effort.

Handheld vacuum cleaners vary; for that, the specifications and features differ as well. While others offer extendable hose, other brands do not. Always remember that an extendable hose is essential in circumstances where you need to clean above-ground level or hard-to-reach spots. An extendable hose allows you to cover a longer distance and hard-to-reach places. This means more vacuuming power and efficiency.

One of the most significant issues to consider when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner is the battery runtime. All cordless handheld vacs offer various battery power and capacities. A device with a high voltage battery means it is sturdy and can run longer. The majority of these cordless handheld vacs offer 5 – 30 minutes running time when the battery is full. Furthermore, a battery with 30-minute runtime is more suitable in cleaning larger areas; though, runtime varies depending on how much power you use.

Basically, a handheld vacuum is a device that you operate while it is in your hand. Holding it for a long time will strain your hands and will cause blisters. For that, most cordless vacs come with ergonomic handles for more comfort and efficiency. The ergonomic handle provides you a secure grip while cleaning floor-to-ceiling surfaces. This handle also contains convenient power buttons, which would enable for one-time tap.   

Some brands and models offer a plethora of tools and accessories, while others offer just a few. The tools and accessories you need to check are crevice tools and various types of cleaning brushes. The crevice tools are useful to reach and remove dirt from tight spaces like corners and cushions. The bushes, on the other hand, are responsible for dusting and loosening deeply embedded dirt and fine hairs from the carpet or hard floors.