Top 10 Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

As far as usual vacuum cleaners are concerned, they are pretty good at picking up dust, debris or other particulate matters. However, our household messes also contain liquid contents. As a result, it becomes quite challenging for a typical vac to clean this up. But some of the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners are very useful in extracting large amounts of liquid.

Top 10 Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners


Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vacuum, Stainless Steel

This multi-surface wet dry vacuum is made of stainless steel, which is strong enough to clean tough dirt from your garage, workshop, or even basement. Its powerful peak HP motor enables the machine to do wet and dry clean-ups quite efficiently. Unlike ordinary vacs, this machine is not quite small since the tank can hold six gallons of liquid. Another useful feature of this vac is its handy and powerful blower. It picks up large debris such as nails, wood chippings, bolts, and screws. Despite its size, this machine operates in silence, thanks to its air and noise diffuser system. Additionally, this vac delivers a 10-foot power supply cord and a 6-foot hose to let you clean at a considerable distance. Above all, this model includes a variety of tools and accessories for efficient and precise cleaning performance.


Craftsman Wet Dry Vac Workshop

The Craftsman 12004 is excellent for cleaning your home or workshops.  It comes with a powerful cleaning ability without a high price tagDespite weighing only 12.8 pounds, this wet/dry vacuum delivers an adequate 3-horsepower motor that enables it to clean efficiently. This portable shop vac comes along with a polypropylene tank that can hold six gallons of water. With a large hose, this machine is strong enough to pick up large debris, such as nails, bolts, screws, and even a pile of leaves.  The 3.0 HP motor drains flooded dishwashers and cleans up the garage or workshop with precision and ease. Along with the machine comes a 17-foot power supply cord and an extension wands that allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas. Since this machine does not have a noise reduction system, it is noticeably louder than others.


Vacmaster Wet Dry Shop Vacuum with Detachable Blower

With its convenient and versatile 2-n-1 cleaning tool, it delivers 5-peak Horse Power. It can also transform itself into a 210-MPH leaf blower with just a push of a button. It works really well for cleaning large areas inside your home. This 12-gallon tank sucks more water without having you to empty it. Despite its large tank capacity, this machine is not so bulky, and you can move it around even if it is full. The other noteworthy attribute of this machine is its capability to transform into a detached-handheld blower that enables you to clean up the yard. This machine can engage with the most hardened debris, dirt, and grimes using its 210 MPH blowing speed. The integrated onboard accessory storage allows you to keep your tools organized and stay in one place.   


Craftsman XSP 12 Wet Dry Vac

This Craftsman XSP 12 shop vac offers a state-of-the-art cleaning power technology that engages the most robust cleaning operation at the shop, the garage, or even at home. With its powerful motor, this unit can pick up wood chunks, nails, bolts, metal shards, broken glass, and even a pile of leaves. Not only that, but it also sucks liquids from your flooded kitchen sink or basement. Moreover, for easy access, this model comes with modern top-tray storage for storing tools and accessories. Its onboard hose and power cord organizers minimize storage space consumption and hassles. Another notable feature of this machine is the extra-large drain that can quickly expel liquids from the tank.

Last but not least, this model allows you to reach a considerable area with our plugging or unplugging it. This is because it comes with a 7-foot power supply cord and the 20-foot extension wands. On top of that, an ergonomic top handle comes along with this unit for easy mobility.


DeWALT Poly Wet Dry Vac, Yellow

The DeWALT DXV09P is a shop vac specifically for large spaces such as job or commercial sites. It comes with an ergonomic handle and large rear wheels for easy transport and mobility. This machine delivers a superior and heavy-duty motor for maximum cleaning performance. Another significant attribute of this machine is reliable suction power. For that reason, it can handle tough cleaning jobs, thanks to its 5 peak horsepower motor. A sizeable 9-gallon tank enables it to store a large amount of dirt, water, and debris without emptying it regularly. This model comes with a dust cartridge filter for small trash and wet materials.

What’s more, this machine includes an ergonomic handle to allow for easy mobility and maneuverability. It comes with a large and water-resistant on/off switch for easy access. Lastly, the 10-foot power supply cord will enable you to clean a considerable area without frequently plugging and unplugging the cable.


Vacmaster Professional Wet Dry Vac, Beast Series

When it comes to suction power and airflow, nothing can beat this superior quality model. It can handle the toughest cleaning tasks on shops, garages, or even job sites. This shop vac is a combination of outstanding cleaning performance and functionality at a very reasonable price. It provides a 16-gallon canister to handle large cleaning jobs without much interruption. Despite the capacity of the tank, this vac is easy to carry and maneuver. For an added convenience, this model offers a four 360-degree Rotating Casters, which are exceptional for easy mobility. It enables the machine to move conveniently in smaller spaces and tight turns. Unlike usual shop vacs, this vacuum comes with a drain plug to allow for the easy draining task. What’s more, an integrated hose and power cord storage allow for easy access and hassle-free storage.


RIDGID Portable Wet Dry Vacuum, Blower Port

This compact size portable wet and dry shop vacuum delivers an unbeatable cleaning performance and portability. The powerful 5.0 peak horsepower offers a high-performance cleaning ability suitable for contractors and professional cleaners. This model comes with large rear wheels and front casters for convenient and easy mobility. The 20-foot power supply cord is long enough to let you clean considerable spaces without plugging and unplugging it. In this way, it maximizes the cleaning time. The Premium Pro-Locking Hose doesn’t enable the hose to go loose while it is in use. This is because it has a convenient clip system that keeps the tube in place.  The hose is ultra-flexible and durable. Furthermore, this model provides tool caddy to keep your tools and accessories within easy reach. Besides, the noise reduction system allows you to operate the machine almost silently.


WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This 16-gallon vacuum cleaner gives you premium power, durability, and functionality that surpass any other shop vacs on the market. For that reason, this machine is highly recommended for contractors and professional cleaners. It comes with balanced airflow and a sealed suction that is ideal for cleaning workshops. Another notable attribute of this machine is onboard storage that allows you to neatly store your tools and accessories for convenience and easy access. Also, a large drain port comes along with this machine. This enables the device to clean wet spills and drains the liquid quickly. The extra-large tank with a 16-gallon capacity is large enough to accommodate large cleaning operations. For additional versatility, this unit includes an integrated blower that engages with large debris and piles of leaves. The other added convenience of this model is the 5-year limited warranty and the guarantee that this vacuum will last for several years.


Shop-Vac All-around Wet Dry Vacuum, 2.5-Gallon

This versatile shop vacuum is especially suitable for household use or smaller workspaces. This multipurpose vac offers the powerful capability of a full-sized vacuum in a handheld machine. It comes with a 2.5 peak horsepower motor, but it is strong enough to engage in tough cleaning tasks. Its 2.5-gallon tank is large enough to suit your home and garage cleaning needs. Another notable feature of this machine is the all-around EZ series that allows you to mount the device on the wall. Since it is lightweight, you can carry the machine anywhere you go without using much energy. The rear blower port automatically transforms the machine into a powerful blower. You simply have to fasten the end of the hose into the blower port. On top of that, you can easily clean bare floors and carpets with the dual floor nozzle.


Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum, Multifunctional Shop Vacuum

It is one of the best wet dry floor cleaners out there. The multipurpose and robust motor gives you superior suction power, thanks to its 4.0-Peak Horse Power. The machine’s versatility allows its rear blower to easily convert itself from a vacuum cleaner to a powerful blower. What’s great about this machine is the four swiveling casters that offer ease of movement and maneuverability in any direction. A large and ergonomic handle that comes along with this model provides a secure grip and mobility. Another convenience is a large on/off switch with a water-resistant design that allows effortless and quick access. Another notable feature is its six-gallon tank capacity, which is large enough to complete routine tasks efficiently. You can use it without frequent cleaning or emptying the trash. It is effortless to move around, thanks to its large wheels and lightweight design.