Top 11 Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

There are many types of Dyson vacuums and models in the market. But some of the best Dyson vacuums are known for versatility, durability, and lightweight. These machines can extract ground-in dirt from carpets across multiple floors, thanks to their powerful suction. They are pretty handy as well since you can transform them into handheld devices for cleaning upholstery or stairs. The compact design allows it to navigate around obstacles quite easily.

Our Top 11 Picks for The Best Dyson Vacuums For Hardwood Floors and Pet Hair


Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless

This is one of the best Dyson cordless vacuums, thanks to its superior features and performance. At 185 Watt, this model offers reliable suction power that effectively cleans tough dirt. The suction power of this machine is almost twice as much as others. Like most ordinary stick vacuums, this unit is also super lightweight and easy to move around. You can carry it climbing up and down the stairs without much effort. In auto mode, the high torque cleaner head automatically adjusts to different floor types, thanks to its advanced floor sensor technology. Although the torque drive cleaner head is suitable for all kinds of floors, it is perfect for carpets. Another impressive feature is the LCD screen, which shows you the machine’s performance in a runtime countdown in real-time. For that, you can easily choose a cleaning mode that matches your task.

Moreover, this stick vac is more versatile, and you can transform it into a handheld vac. This makes cleaning a lot easier, especially in reaching tight spaces and corners. What’s more, the 60-minute runtime is longer than other stick vacs. However, the actual run time depends on the type of power mode you will use.


Dyson Cyclone V10 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Basically, there’s a lot of similarity between this model and the V11. Both are tough on dirt but gentle on the floor and carpets. The torque drive cleaner head of this model is powerful enough for picking up severe dust and dirt from various floor surfaces. Its brush bar can dig deep into the carpet and extract even the most delicate hair embedded into the carpet. Another enhanced feature of this unit is the cyclone technology that comes along with this product. It has 14 concentric cyclones that generate power to extract particulate matters and push it directly into the bin. Besides, this machine delivers an instant release trigger that only allows the device to consume electricity when it is in use. The battery only requires a 3.5-hour minimum time for charging before the first use. Its runtime depends on the type of cleaning mode and suction power you will be using. If you intend to use a non-motorized tool, the runtime of this machine extends up to 60 minutes. The tightly sealed filtration system of this device can capture almost all the dust, dirt, and other airborne particles. It is entirely safe for people having asthma or allergy sufferers. 


Dyson Upright Ball Animal 2

This Dyson hardwood floor cleaner is one of the best vacuums for pet hair, and it works perfectly on carpets and stairs too. This multipurpose vac is mighty and useful for households having pets. The suction power can eliminate stubborn pet hairs, even those that are deeply embedded in the carpet. The weight may be a downside, but the ball technology that comes along with this machine makes maneuverability simple and easy. This technology helps you in cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces. It enables the device to navigate around furniture and another obstacle with just a simple turn of the wrist. The other notable feature of this unit is the tangle-free turbine tool. It includes a counter-rotating brush head that extracts hairs from the carpet and upholstery. The HEPA filtration system can capture dust, dirt, and other particulate matters and prevent you from allergens. With this device, emptying the bin is not a hassle. For that, simply push the button, and you’re good to go.

On top of that, this model is quite economical too. You don’t have to buy replacement bags. Simply wash the bin, dry it up, and use it on your next cleaning schedule.


Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

This model delivers an incomparable suction power with extra cleaning tools. It is a complete solution to your cleaning needs. This vac offers an advanced self-adjusting cleaner head that can automatically adjust to various floor surfaces, such as carpets and bare floors. A seal-in suction system comes along with this unit to remove the toughest dirt and finest pet hairs on both carpets and hardwood floors.

What’s more impressive about this machine is the instant-release wand, which lets you clean above ground with efficiency and precision. Not only that, cleaning hidden spaces like under the bed or furniture is more attainable using this feature. The HEPA filtration system keeps you safe from allergens since it captures dust, dirt, and other airborne particles that may cause allergy and asthma attacks. The hygienic bin system gives you extra protection from contaminants. This feature allows you to empty the bin without touching it. You only have to push the button, and the bin cover will open up and empty the dirt automatically. On top of that, this model delivers a variety of cleaning tools and accessories.


Dyson V7 Animal Stick 

This is among one of the best Dyson cordless vacuums with a two-in-one cleaning tool and super lightweight. You can use this machine as a regular stick vac or transform it into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Despite being lightweight, this model can compete with larger vacuums with the same suction power. It is excellent in cleaning animal furs and dirt. Unlike other vacs, this machine is quieter, thanks to the noise reduction system that comes along with this product. Since it is cord-free and ergonomically designed, this vac is easy to carry anywhere. This Dyson stick vacuum is very convenient to maneuver up and down the staircase. The runtime power extends up to 30 minutes if you are using the non-motorized tool. Like other cordless vacs, this machine features an instant release trigger that allows the device to use battery power when the device is in use. The battery requires at least 3.5 hours for charging before the first use. A hygienic bin emptying system accompanies this model. It allows you to empty the bin without using our bare hands. All debris and particles inside will come out of the dirt cup, thanks to a simple button.


Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick 

The V6 is a high-end model among the Dyson line of handheld and stick vacuum cleaners. This stick vac is on the pricey side. However, it comes with a lot of useful features and attachments. This two-in-one vacuum cleaner is a combination of excellent design and functionality, perfect for both carpets and hard floors. The tier cyclones work in sync to improve airflow and capture more fine dust and hairs. Furthermore, the direct-drive cleaner head efficiently drives its stiff bristles deep into the carpet to extract deeply embedded dirt and hairs. The soft roller that comes along with this model is soft on your hard floor surface but tough on stubborn dirt and debris. The other notable attribute of this device is the instant release trigger that only lets the machine consume battery power when it is in use. This model requires a 3.5-hour minimum battery charging time before the first use. The hygienic emptying bin technology of this machine allows you to empty the without touching it. Just tap the button to release all the debris and dirt inside the bin. On top of that, this machine carries a HEPA filtration system that captures all the dust and airborne particles, keeping you and your family safe from allergens.


Dyson V7 Motorhead Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V7 is one of the best cordless vacuums that stand out in terms of ease of use and performance. It only weighs 5.45 pounds, yet its suction power surpasses the power of any firm and heavy cordless vacuum. The motorhead of this unit carries a direct-drive cleaner head. It is 75% more efficient than the others. For that reason, this machine can dig deep into the carpet and crevices to remove deep-seated dirt, grimes, and pet hairs. Since it is cordless, you can carry the device anywhere you go without limitations. You can easily reach the above-ground surface without a fuss.

Moreover, this machine delivers a lithium-ion battery that provides a 30-minute runtime and a 6-minute increased suction power when using the Max Mode. The trigger release system allows the device to use battery power only when it is in use. Moreover, the V7 cordless vacuum includes a hygienic dirt removal technology. You can remove dirt and dust inside the bin with just one tap of a finger. It is flexible and versatile enough to transform it into a handheld vac.


Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick 

Keep your home clean and tidy with this Dyson V8 cordless vacuum. It is the latest and the most advanced vacuum cleaner from the Dyson line of vacuum cleaners. This model provides up to 40-minute suction power.  Apart from that, this machine features a HEPA filtration system that captures dust, dirt, and particulate matters yet expel clean and fresh air. Also, this device delivers a two-cleaner head that has 100% more brush bar power than its counterparts. The direct-drive cleaner head stiff bristles are strong enough to dig deeply into the carpet and remove all dirt and fine hairs.

On the other hand, the soft roller extracts large debris and fine dust to maintain the shiny look on the hard floor surface. The vacuum shuts the power down automatically when not in use, thanks to a trigger release system. Moreover, it enables the vac to makes use of battery power while in use. The HEPA filtration system captures dust, dirt, and allergens and expels cleaner and fresher air inside your homes. On top of that, this machine delivers various tools and accessories to make your cleaning operation more efficient.


Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld 

Unlike those standard vacuum cleaners that use a compression style fit, this model uses only a click style fit. It solidly fits the tools and accessories in place. In this way, you are sure enough that tools and accessories will not loosen up unless you release them with just a press of a button. One of the key aspects of this model is the powerful cyclones that simultaneously work to capture fine dust and particles effectively. It takes up to 3 to 4 hours to fully charge this device. The battery life strictly depends on the usage as well as the suction power you use. If you intend to use max mode, you will only enjoy a 6-minute runtime. It enables you to have superior suction power that gets rid of all stubborn dirt and hair. However, if you use a non-motorized tool, then you will get a 30-minute maximum cleaning time.

Above all, this vac is more cost-efficient and eco-friendly since it does not use bags. Therefore, you don’t have to buy expensive replacement bags that can cost you a lot of money. What’s more impressive, it comes with a 2-year warranty that covers parts and repairs.


Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless – Extra Tools for Homes with Pets 

This multipurpose vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of extra cleaning tools and accessories.  With its intelligent design, you can quickly shift suction power modes as per the task you want. Moreover, this model is versatile and quite flexible to use. You can convert this stick vacuum into a handheld cleaner if you’re going to clean stair surfaces and the interior of your cars. Since it is super lightweight, you can carry it anywhere without much effort, especially in climbing up and down the staircase. Since it is a cord-free device, you don’t have to face the hassle of dragging or unraveling the cable. Although this machine gives you a 30-minute powerful suction time, the length of runtime still varies depending on the suction power you use. Remember, if you are using motorized cleaning tools, they will shorten the life of your battery. One of its impressive features is 2-Tier Radial cyclones. This feature uses 15 cyclones working in sync with each other to enhance airflow and captures stubborn dirt and fine hairs.


Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum – Corded

This is the only vacuum cleaner from the makers of Dyson vacuum cleaners with a superior suction power and does not require filters or bags to replace. It carries a self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically seals in suction and adjusts to match with various floor surfaces. At the same time, the motorized brush bar engages with ground dirt. Furthermore, a tangle-free turbine tool with rotating brush heads comes along with this model. It is powerful for removing hairs from the carpet and upholstery. This device uses Cinetic science that is powerful enough to capture fine dust and debris without clogging the machine for a nonstop suction performance. The ball technology of this machine allows you to efficiently clean hard to reach spaces. It lets you maneuver around the furniture or other obstruction with just a simple twist of your wrist.  Besides, this model is certified asthma and allergy-friendly with its HEPA filtration system. This feature captures fine dust and allergens, and at the same time, expels clean and fresh air. On top of that, this unit is very hygienic; it uses a hands-free emptying technology that allows you to empty the bin with just a simple push of the button.