Top 5 Wall Mounted Vacuum Cleaners for Garage

Wall mounted vacuum cleaners tend to save a lot of space around, and they are also pretty easy to carry. This kind of vacuum is essentially a hybrid of cordless vacuum and heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum. It has a unique shape and design, making it perfect for the garage. It can pick up stubborn dirt and debris (like sawdust) and provide exceptional filtration to purify the air. Additionally, it has a large tank or dust bag for taking care of the entire space in just one cleaning activity.

It is more potent than conventional vacs. But the downside is; it is louder and more expensive. It allows you to vacuum your vehicle quite comfortably, thanks to its much longer hose. Moreover, this type of vacuum is suitable for both wet and dry surfaces. Above all, it comes with a variety of tools to ensure the speed and efficiency of your cleaning project.

On the plus side, this vac hangs comfortably on the wall while in use. It means you don’t need to carry it along with you during operation.

Our Top Pick Wall Mounted Vacuum Cleaners


1) VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum GV30

Like the storage room, the garage is the next most disordered place of your home. Here you tend to keep all of your essential tools and other equipment. To clean it up, you need a heavy-duty and robust vacuum cleaner. This vac is strong enough to suck up larger debris like nuts, bolts, and even sawdust. It is made of rolled galvannealed steel with powder coating to make it rust-resistant and long-lasting. It hangs easily on the wall, even without plumbing. Simply fasten the hanger bracket to stud and plug it on, and you are all set. HEPA filtration system gives you fresh, clean air and safety from allergens.

It comes with an extended power supply cord, which helps cleaning up your car. Furthermore, it has a variety of tools and accessories to meet all your cleaning needs. An extension wand is also present to make sure you reach the above-floor area.  

2) VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum GV50PRO

This wall mount garage vacuum has both commercial and residential applications. It is perfectly suitable for vacuuming vehicles, basement, auto detail shop, workshops, and utility room. It saves a lot of space thanks to its cylindrical shape, which doesn’t take up much room. This is a very lightweight vacuum, weighing only 30 pounds. What sets it apart from other vacs is that it is made of steel to resist corrosion.

What’s more, several of its tools ensure its usage not only inside your home but also in a car detailing job. It carries a heavy-duty machine and HEPA filtration bags, with the capacity to hold seven gallons of waste. The hose is extremely long, such that it can extend outdoors. Not only does it absorb debris and other particles, but it blows things as well. Thus, it is a professional car vacuum cleaner with blower. Unlike other garage vacuum cleaners, this one is on the pricey side. However, it is quite efficient and dependably stable. That said, it cannot suck liquid due to a lack of wet pick up kit attachment.

3) Bissell Garage Pro Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower with Auto Tool Kit

If you want to clean up the interior of your vehicle, you can easily do it since it comes with a long hose. This vacuum holds up to 4 gallons of dirt, thanks to its semi-transparent dirt canister. There is also an LED full tank indicator to warn you when it’s time to empty bin. This vac can work effectively on both wet/dry cleaning surfaces. It has a variety of tools and attachments suitable for car detailing as well. This built-in wall vacuum comes with a handy tool bag, which allows you to store all the tools and accessories. It is a vacuum, as well as a blower. Even though it can blow large piles of snow and leaves, yet it is better suited to vacuuming small leaves out of your pathway. In a nutshell, this is a versatile type of vacuum, and it is capable of doing an all-around little cleanup activity.

4) Vacmaster HP Remote Control Wall Mount Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

Apart from the garage, this vac also works well with the kitchen, the basement, and any other messy spaces. It comes with state-of-the-art functions such as a remote control system. Besides, the ergonomic handle makes it quite convenient to maneuver. Even the motor is quite powerful, it produces less noise when used for both wet and dry cleaning activities. It has long blowing tool that allows you to blow leaves and other debris from the pathway more efficiently.

Additionally, it comes with wheels that allow you to have easy mobility on various surfaces. It has a large drain port for carrying a lot of water out of flooded floors. What’s more, it’s pretty easy to drain all the water inside: you simply have to open the drain, and you’re good to go.

5) Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum GH120-E

Like usual wall-mounted vacs, this vac is also a great space saver giving you sufficient ground space in the garage, workshop, basement, and utility room. It turns out to be pretty handy and lightweight. However, it is extremely powerful when it comes to cleaning and vacuuming. It has a pretty handy tool bag to keep your accessories and tools conveniently within your reach. Likewise, the long hose of this vac makes it perfectly suitable for vacuuming the car on the driveway. This vac is an environment- and health-friendly because it includes a HEPA filtration system, which captures 99.7% of particles. It is made of durable polycarbonate plastic to ensure it could resist rust and corrosion. The state-of-the-art design makes it more fashionable while its colors fit in with your furniture and home décor. Besides, it comes with a one-piece steel wand to resist corrosion and cracks. The only downside is its capacity to hold dirt. It has only one-gallon of capacity; thus, it requires the replacement of bags quite often.

Size is by far the most critical factor before buying a garage vacuum. Make sure that the vac is appropriate to the condition of your garage. Typically, the weight of the vacuum increases with its size. However, some vacs are pretty cumbersome despite their smaller size. Therefore, make sure you choose a lightweight and moderate-sized vacuum. This is because it might ruin the stud where you are supposed to hang the unit. Size really matters when you opt for a wall mounting vac, so choose wisely.


After size, the capacity of its bin is the next most crucial concern before settling for any garage vac. A vacuum with ample storage capacity allows you to work effectively without breaks. Likewise, a small dirtbag will hold you back a bit and slow down the entire cleaning process. This is because you may need to empty out its contents at regular intervals or keep replacing the bags, which can be a hassle.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, the motor and suction power are vitally important to look at. To do a heavy-duty cleaning job efficiently, it is, therefore, crucial to have a powerful motor. The size of the motor determines its suction power; the larger it is, the more power it has. However, one negative aspect of a large motor is that it tends to generate more heat when in use.


Filtration is also an essential factor to consider, especially for those suffering from allergies. Some debris or particles might trigger an allergic reaction. This is especially important in case you’ve pets around, and you need to get rid of pet hairs. For that, you may consider buying a vacuum containing the HEPA filtration system. It is really a specialized filter that keeps you safe from any allergens because it captures almost all the dirt and harmful allergens.

If you want to extend your cleaning spree outside your garage without dragging along your vacuum cleaner, then find a unit that has longer hose length. Some of these have shorter hoses; therefore, make sure before buying one. Longer hoses allow you to clean outdoors even pathway and may also reach your car parked outside the garage. In addition to hose length, tanks also play a crucial role, particularly when you have wet/dry vac. A large tank ensures a convenient and fast cleaning job.

A bagless vacuum cleaner is cost-effective because you don’t need to replace dirtbags every now and then. Thus, this kind of vac proves economical if you live in dusty surroundings. However, you’ll have to empty out the bin and clean it up every time. It takes time to empty, clean, and dehydrate it. On the contrary, a bagged vacuum is helpful for people with asthma or allergies to dust and pollens. The dirt and other airborne particles are safely sucked and tucked inside the bag.

In most cases, vacuums produce irritating motor noise when in use. This noise increases with the size and power of the motor. Recently, modern vacs tend to produce less noise. Some of these have a noise reduction system to make their product silent during operation.

It would be better if you think about what kind of tools and kits go well with your garage requirements like an extra hose, cleaning mouth, etc. If you want, you can opt for units that have more accessories and tools. However, be sure to use them all and not just dump the rest to your toolbox.