Top 6 Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews of 2020

Cleaning up an entire swimming pool is a tough job. It takes an efficient machine to complete the task with excellent speed and accuracy. But if you go through our list of robotic pool cleaner reviews, you’ll come to know some of the useful robots for your pool cleaning needs. It is the most modern and sophisticated cleaning tool that helps in maintaining a sparkling clean swimming pool. Since it works by itself, it is very convenient and easy to operate. This type of cleaner is programmable and uses artificial intelligence to detect the layout of a pool. It scrubs and vacuums the entire floor (or wall) at the same time, including the waterline of a swimming pool. Robotic vac is very handy and lightweight.

On top of that, it can climb stairs. Moreover, it has its filtration system that requires less maintenance. Although it is a little bit pricey, yet it is durable and lasts longer.

List of 6 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews


Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Tangle-Free Cord, Ideal for Pools up to 50 Feet

This vac is one of the best inground pool cleaners on the market these days. It only weighs 22 pounds, yet it is a potent cleaning tool that helps speed up your cleaning task. Its dual scrubbing system spins at a high RPM, while its superior filtering capabilities will make your pool sparkling clean. Its PowerClean brush can remove stubborn dirt, algae, biofilm, and bacteria, making your pool safe and awesomely clean.  Since it is fully automatic, you dont need to use hoses and suctions. It has a weekly timer that you can set for automated cleaning operations at any time or day of the week.  It requires minimal time and effort in cleaning its filters due to its extra-large size. Another remarkable feature of this type of cleaner is its ability to release filtered water in just a couple of seconds, thanks to its Rapid Water Release system.

Moreover, it does not depend on the pools filter and main pump; therefore, you can clean the pool with less time and energy.  Furthermore, should you need a repair, its parts are easy to fix, as it comes with Easy-Fix modular components. So now, you can simply relax, and leave the job to this excellent cleaning machine.


Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner, Ideal for Pools up to 33 Feet

If your pool is not that big, you can use this type of pool vacuum robot.  It has state-of-the-art technology with an impressive matching feature and a large top load filtration system as well. This type of cleaner comes with a Clever Clean technology that can predict its path while the brushes scrub and clean the floors and walls efficiently. It is not even dependent on your pools main pump and filters, making it eight times more efficient than its counterparts. Like other dolphin pool cleaners, this one has an automatic weekly timer. It allows you to choose the perfect time for cleaning the pool any time (or days) of the week. Also, it has an energy-efficient power supply that allows you to save energy.  After you turn on the machine, everything is hands-free; it does not need any manual assistance. You simply have to wait until the entire task is complete, then you can just pull the cleaner out using the cord, take off the filters, and empty the bin. Convenient, isnt it?

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Do you want a whole new level of cleaning capacity?  Then, you get it with this type of robotic cleaner. It is lightweight and comes with a superior cleaning performance and a ground-breaking technology at a very reasonable price. The design is awesome for an above ground pool cleaner that uses smart scanning technology to maximize its cleaning patterns. The Hyperbrush Active Scrubbing brushes do the job. It loosens up stubborn dirt, grimes as well as hard-to-reach contaminants sticking on the surface of the pool.

Furthermore, it doesnt use bags; instead, it uses an extra-large debris cartridge that is capable of storing more than 60% debris. What’s more, the cartridge is easy to access for a more convenient way of emptying and cleaning process. Unlike its counterpart, this cleaner does not use conventional wheels. Instead, it uses Hypergrip Continuous Tracks that can counteract slippages and prevent energy wastage. Moreover, it predicts drains, walls, and stairs; well, thanks to its modern algorithm that makes the job uninterrupted and less time-consuming. As compare to usual ones, this machine uses lower voltage; thus, it is economical and saves much power when in use.


Dolphin Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner, Ideal for Above Ground Pools up to 30 Feet

This new and modern ultra-light machine is specially designed for above-ground pool cleaning purposes, making it a perfect match for pools of up to 30 feet in length or diameter. Although it is half the price than other in-ground pool cleaners, it comes with matching superior features and efficiency. It is capable of cleaning both small and large in-ground swimming pool. It has a cleaning power and speed, just like other robotic pool cleaner does at a very reasonable price.  This cleaner does an excellent job on your pools floor. The brushes spin faster than the standard ones, thus removing deep-seated algae and calcification. One negative aspect of this robot is that it cannot climb walls and stairs, so you need to do the brushing on the walls manually.  This unit is straightforward to clean as it comes with a quick water release system; only the water goes out and keeps the debris inside. So, cleaning is not messy, after all. Since this machine is fully automatic, it does not use hoses or additional pumps. Just turn it on and let the cleaner do its job. Finally, the intelligent, clean system ensures the machine never misses even only an inch. 

Polaris 9550 Sport 4WD All-Season Kit

This top-of-the-line pool cleaning robot is a superior device that performs excellent cleaning tasks. Not only does it remove dirt and grimes from the floor, but it also cleans the wall. It contains just about every tool to have a clean swimming pool. This pool vacuum robot looks more like a miniature sports car than a machine with its sleek design and color. Unlike other automated robotic pool cleaners, this machine needs a guide; thus, it comes with remote control. The motion sensor allows you to guide the robot in the desired direction. It has a four-wheel-drive system that makes the robot tackle any terrain and climbs stairs and walls for cleaning purposes.  With a solid blade cleaning brush, it can scrub the tiles and remove stubborn calcified grimes and algae. With a simple one-touch, the unit will surface to any location you want it to appear and enable you to grab it. Determining the contents of the canister is even more comfortable with its canister indicator. Since the timer is programmable, you can easily set the timer to your most favorable time and days to clean up.

Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaner

This robotic pool cleaner is the newest and the most technologically-advanced machine. It suits any kind of pool’s size or contour. It is fully automatic and has the power to detect the size of the area and then apply the type of cleaning it needs. A programmable cleaning cycle comes along with the machine. So, you can adjust the time when to clean so it will not be an obstruction when you swim. It is time-efficient as it comes with a fast cleaning system that enables the cleaner to complete the task in just one hour. Since the top cover of the canister is large, you can easily remove the cartridge. Turning the machine upside is no longer necessary. From the box, you can use the cleaner right away since it does not include attachments and accessories. It does not require hoses or booster pumps.

Furthermore, this machine offers other advantages like easy maintenance and automatic pool detection. It means this robot can automatically detect the pool’s specific design and do its job. An out-of-the-water sensor prevents the machine from damage. A few things that we don’t like about it were its weight as well as the cord. Chances are, the cable might wear down sooner than expected since you need to pull the cord to lift the cleaner.


This type of pool cleaner is the right choice since it is incredibly economical and commonly used for both in-ground and above pools. You don’t need extra attachments and accessories, so maintenance is low. Nevertheless, it is capable of removing various kinds of debris, calcified algae, and other harmful bacteria. It functions like an underwater vacuum cleaner that sucks dirt and grimes in your pool and then scrubs the surface of the pool. However, you need to attach it to a socket to make it work. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, it comes with accessories like hoses. However, it depends on the brand or model that you choose.

This type of cleaner is commonly known as an automatic pressure cleaner or booster pump cleaner. It is suitable for pools that gather larger debris such as leaves, twigs, pebbles, etc. If you opt for this type of tool, make sure that your pool has a sturdy side port. With the help of a booster pump, consistent and higher power is attainable, making it more effective in the cleaning process. To make it work properly, you need to empty the onboard bag continually. If you want to reach small areas as well as the stairs, you need to attach a sweep hose.

This vacuum is the best and the most convenient pool cleaning machine ever. This device cleans the pool with just one touch. It effectively cleans any type of pool and sizes; it can even handle both large and small debris. Robotic pool cleaners come with a ground-breaking technology i.e., its own motor and microprocessors. It can assess the shape, size, and contour of any kind of pool and then formulate a process for an intensive and active cleaning job. On top of that, you can even schedule the time and day you want to clean your pool.



The first thing you need to consider when buying a cleaner is the price. Although most of the robotic pool cleaners are expensive, you need to make sure that it’s worth every penny you pay. Meaning you need to check for the specifications, functions, durability as well as the quality. Remember, less known brands do not mean less quality.


Type of Pool

The type of pool is of the utmost importance when choosing a cleaner. You want to buy a tool because you want to use it. So, choose the one that suits the type of pool you have, whether it is above ground or an in-ground pool since each robotic pool cleaner has its functions.


Smartness of Robot

Due to technological innovations, cleaning tools are also intelligent. Some of them can immediately detect the size, shape, and the type of pool you have. But others do not have these functions, so when you purchase a cleaning robot check the capabilities and limitations of the Artificial Intelligence installed to the tool.


Size of the Swimming Pool

Don’t underrate the size of the pool. You might end up buying a cleaning tool that may break down in the middle of your cleaning spree. Remember, each device has its specifications, functions, and most of all, it has its limitations. For that reason, if you have an Olympic size pool choose a tool that is capable of doing the work with speed and efficiency.


Energy Efficiency

This type of cleaner consumes energy; some consumes a lot while other uses just a little. So, it is essential that pool owners must choose one that is energy efficient. Choose one that cleans thoroughly with speed and finesse. Another way to choose is to determine the power consumption of the unit. Check the wattage as well as the voltage of the cleaner. The manual has everything in it. 


Size of Filter Bags

You wouldn’t want to be interrupted while you are cleaning right. So when choosing, find one that has an extra-large filter bags for you to work continuously. With smaller bags, you will end up emptying it frequently, especially if you are collecting larger debris. It will fill up the bag immediately, so you have to stop and clean it.


Swivel & Tangle-free Cable

Robotic pool cleaners naturally come with a cord. Therefore, it is crucial to take swivel and tangle-free cable into consideration since it helps your machine in moving freely. So it is essential to think about whether the robot comes with a swivel cord or not. It may be pricier, but it’s worth your money, though.


Does your Robot have Wall-climbing Abilities?

In addition to the pool type, it is essential to consider the capability of your cleaning machine. Check whether the device you are eyeing for is capable of climbing walls. This function makes your cleaning more comfortable, faster, and more relaxed. You don’t want to scrub and brush the entire wall of your swimming pool, do you?


Robot with Automatic Settings

Apart from the speed and power of the cleaner, you need to include in your checklist a programmable timer. It means if you want to keep your hands off when cleaning the pool, then find one that you can program. Some robots have this kind of function while others don’t.


Compatibility with the Pool’s Floor

Each swimming pool has its own style and design for this reason you need to find a tool that is suitable to the one you have. Choosing the wrong unit might end up ruining the surface of the floors of your swimming pool as there are some machines with a very stiff brush.


Four-Wheel Drive & Wide Tires

Robotic pool cleaners use two types of tires; the four-wheel drive and the flat tires. Again choose the one that suits the kind of swimming pool. Flat tires cannot climb stairs and steps, while four-wheel drives can maneuver easily. So select the ones that suit you best.