Top 7 Best Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

Your job becomes easy-breezy if you have got the right tools to clean up your garden. The piles of dried leaves scattered around the lawn can be a hassle. Now you can use some of the best leaf vacuum mulchers to suck up and mulch the debris afterward. These devices tend to mulch your garden debris as soon as it sucks up into the bag. After that, such leaves can be used for composting so that it may be available as a natural fertilizer.

Typically, leaf blowers also tend to blow air to rid of leaves. However, leaf vacuums have an added advantage of vacuuming the leaves too. There are few very good leaf vacuums that require you to just flip a switch in order to change it from blower to vacuum.

Some of these are gas-powered while others are battery-powered. The gas-powered vacs tend to be louder but they have longer run times. However, battery-powered leaf vacuums can be lightweight and easy to carry. The thing is: each one of these offers several benefits but that doesn’t really matter while selecting one. Some of the most important things to consider before buying one is the rate at which it blows air or vacuums and the mulch reduction.

Our Top Picks For The Best Leaf Vacuum Mulchers


Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower and Vacuum, Battery-operated

This cordless leaf vacuum mulcher is a handy and reliable machine. It has a 40V lithium-ion battery that works up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Despite being low-priced, this machine offers superior cleaning power and strength. With only 11 pounds, it pretty easy to carry and maneuver. Additionally, this portable mulcher offers two switches: the on or off switch and the high or low button. It comes with a digital controlled brushless motor that provides more torque power for longer runtime and quiet cleaning operation. Its variable speed dial, together with the turbo button, delivers a 185 mph wind speed for effortless cleaning.

Toro Electric Leaf Vacuum Mulcher, 250 mph

This handheld leaf vacuum is excellent in removing leaves from sidewalks, patios, yards, and pathways. With its large metal impeller and superior power, it provides enhanced mulching performance. Unlike its counterparts, this machine only offers an 88% leaf reduction ratio. Its variable speed control mode enables you to easily transition from blower to vacuum mode.  With only 8.5 pounds, this model is quite lightweight that you can carry it with ease. Since it is a corded leaf vac, you can work as long as you want without losing power. On top of that, this device comes with a set of attachments and accessories for efficient cleaning performance.

BLACK+DECKER Power Boost Blower and Vacuum

This is by far, one of the best vacuum mulchers for leaves in the market these days. It comes with a 250 mph blowing velocity and a powerful suction to remove leaves and other debris from your garden and yard. The power boost button provides extra strength to engage with large debris or when it is needed. Besides, it contains a zipper-free bag with a wide opening for quick and easy emptying. What’s more, this machine is versatile and flexible that you can convert it from a leaf blower to a leaf vacuum. As far as electric handheld leaf blowers are concerned, this model emits lower noise than its gas counterpart.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum Mulcher

Convenience is the name when it comes to handheld leaf vacuums. This 3-in-1 leaf blower delivers a 12-amp motor that can make your yard or garden neat and clean. Its 230 mph blower is strong enough to blow leaves and debris easily. Furthermore, this machine delivers two cleaning modes – the vacuum mode and the blower mode. It also offers one concentrator apart from its vacuum and blow tube. With a 16:1 reduction ratio, you can complete your cleaning task quickly and easily. The EZ-empty reusable leaf bag design allows you to save time and effort. Lastly, the anti-clog impeller prevents clogging when chopping and shredding leaves and debris.

Toro Leaf Blower Vacuum with Metal Impeller, up to 250 mph

It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful leaf blower vacuums out there. It comes with a strong motor capable of blowing air up to 250 mph and giving superior blower vac. The variable speed control gives you adequate control in both blower and vac mode. In vac mode, this machine delivers a 410 cfm, allowing you to vacuum leaves and debris with ease. Also, this model uses a metal impeller to reduce up to 97% of leaves and debris. The oscillating nozzle automatically sweeps air back and forth, making the blowing wider without moving your wrist.

WORX Electric Blower, Mulcher and Vacuum

This machine is one of the top-notch devices when it comes to blowing, vacuuming, and mulching.  It comes with a superior power to vacuum and shred all leaves and debris into fine pieces. With a 9.3 pounds weight, this machine is easy to handle and carry with cleaning. It offers a switch-mode button to let you shift from a leaf blower to a vacuum mode quickly. Besides, it uses metal impeller that cuts leaves and debris into fine pieces. Its 18:1 reduction ratio is large enough to increase its bag capacity. Lastly, it offers a 3-year limited warranty.

Tanaka Commercial Two-Stroke Gas Powered Handheld Blower With Cruise Control

This commercial handheld blower is one of the most advanced and enhanced leaf vac in the market.  It delivers a cruise control feature that allows you to take full control of the motor for maximum performance. The metal impeller and a shredder blade cut and shred leaves and debris into tiny pieces efficiently for optimum vacuum use. The high-volume fan nozzle allows you to blow more leaves and debris to speed up the task. Moreover, this device provides a secondary handle enabling you to use two hands for reducing strain on your arms. Despite its powerful motor, this machine operates quietly.

A leaf vacuum mulcher is a machine that sucks leaves and removes them from your garden, yard, and driveway. Apart from vacuuming, you can also use this machine as a blower. Unlike conventional vacuums or blowers, this machine uses internal blades known as impellers to cut and shred leaves into small and easy-to-dispose pieces. These blades come in different forms, i.e., the metal as well as the plastic blades. Even though both blades cut and shred efficiently, but the metal blades tend to last longer.


Along with the blades, this device features a reduction ratio of 12:1 or 16:1 depending on the size of the machine. This reduction ratio means reducing the twelve or sixteen piles of leaves into one bag.  Since this machine delivers superior power and suction strength, it comes with a built-in speed adjustment system. It enables you to control the amount of speed and airflow to protect your plants and flowers.


Most people are aware of mulching that makes your lawn or garden clean and well-manicured. What they don’t know is that mulching offers a lot of benefits.


The mulching controls the growth of weeds. It serves as a natural barrier and blocks the amount of sunlight to penetrate the soil in areas you don’t want weeds to grow.


It also limits evaporation and absorbs water. Thus, it retains moisture to nurture the growth of plants.


This method prevents the soil from erosion. It protects and shields the land by minimizing the impact of water when it falls to the ground.


It keeps soil nutrients inside and prevents them from being washed away by torrential rains. On top of that, some types of mulch decompose the soil and release added nutrients to the ground.


During the hot season, mulch cools down the soil. In this way, it conserves soil moisture and coolness. However, in winter, mulch protects the plant from the cold and prevents from frost-heaving.

Motor or Suction power

Whatever brand or model you want, the motor and suction power is always necessary to have. The motor provides power and strength to any device. The amount of air intake and the speed of air vacuuming or blowing help you determine the motor power and suction quality. The amount of air intake is measured in cubic feet per minute (SFM) while the speed of air vacuuming or blowing in miles per hour (MPH). The value of air intake and the rate of air are found in the machines manual. 


Size of your Garden or Yard

The size of your garden or yard is essential in finding the best leaf vacuum. The vacuum mulchers are similar in functions but differ in capabilities to tackle areas. Therefore, a handheld device is perfect for a small garden or yard. As for a medium-sized garden, the backpack machine must be your best option. It is more powerful than the handheld vac, but it is portable and lightweight. If you have a vast space like parks or farmland, you need a large-wheeled blower. It has superior power that can even send debris flying into the air.


Speed Variations

Typically, yards and gardens are full of weeds, plants, and flowers. High-speed leaf vacuum mulcher may be great for weeds, but it is destructive to plants and flowers. It is better to have a machine that offers several speed variations. This feature allows you to adjust the speed blower level to protect your plants from damages. On the other hand, this adjustable speed setting lets you set the speed to the topmost level for mulching larger areas.


Impeller Strength

Another significant factor to consider is the strength of the impellers. This feature is an integral part of any leaf vacuum mulcher; it cuts, sucks, and shreds weeds, twigs, and leaves. It doesn’t matter if the impellers are made of plastic as long as it is durable and long-lasting. However, metal impellers are highly recommended since they are more reliable and durable.


Reduction Ratio

If you have a large area to clean, and it is brimming with trees and leaves, a reduction ratio is essential. You can find the reduction ratio in the specs of most leaf vac mulchers. Bear in mind that a mulcher with a 12:1 or 16:1 reduction ratio is capable of reducing 12 or 16 bags of leaves into one bag of mulch. This means the higher the reduction ratio, the fewer bag emptying you will have.



Weight is one of the most vital factors to consider before buying a leaf vacuum. Cleaning the entire yard is already taxing; more so, if you use a heavy leaf vacuum. For a small to a medium-sized yard, find a machine that weighs just a few pounds but provides superior power. Remember, the lighter the mulcher is, the easier it is for you to carry and maneuver. On the other hand, you can opt for a backpack mulcher for large yards or gardens to clean.


Nozzle Design

The nozzle design is another essential feature you need to take into consideration when buying a leaf vac.It is part of the mulcher where the air comes in and out of the machine. To prevent debris from clogging, find a device with a broad and narrow nozzle to direct the blast. Additionally, for precise cleaning, choose one that can fit into tight spaces such as cracks in the pathways, decks, and patios.


Switching Capability

Leaf vacuum mulcher is a multi-purpose cleaning machine. It works as a leaf vacuum and a mulcher. Most of this leaf vac has a superior vacuum and mulching strength that reaches up to 250 mph. This strength is tough enough to eliminate weeds but strong enough to uproot plants and flowers. Thus, it is essential to check if the machine has built-in switches to easily transition from vacuum to blower or vice versa.


Size of the Collection Bag

The collection bag holds and stores shredded leaves, grass clippings, and other debris. The size of the collection bag will depend upon the size of the area you have. For small to medium lawns or yard, you may choose one that can hold at least 60 liters of mulch leaves. Similarly, for larger areas, you need to have a more extensive collection bag capacity; it prevents frequent emptying, thus speeds up your cleaning tasks.


From the name itself, this type of leaf vac mulchers uses electricity and long extension cord. It can provide steady air velocity and large air volume. Since it uses electricity, it never runs out of juice. Thus, it withstands a more prolonged cleaning operation. Furthermore, this is a lightweight machine, which means you can carry it anywhere without much hassle. Unlike the gas-operated machine, this device operates quietly and does not emit pollutants.


The gas-operated leaf mulchers are the heaviest and the most powerful machines. These are ideal for gardeners with a vast area to clean. It runs on gas or petrol, which makes it quite noisy to operate. Like cordless devices, this machine is perfect for cleaning from a distance. All you need is a gas can, and you can work anywhere for hours. Lastly, this type of machine comes either as a handheld or in a backpack form.


Cordless leaf mulcher uses lithium batteries, which makes it more powerful and operates longer. It can provide high velocity and large air volume, but its operating time shortens. It is ideal for cleaning yards and gardens with many nooks and crannies. Moreover, this device delivers delicate power adjustment systems. This feature allows you to set your desired power level to save battery life and extend its operating time.