Top 9 Best Bagged Vacuums – Upright & Canister

It is pretty hard to find some of the best bagged vacuums out there. However, there are key features that make one vacuum stand out from the rest. Some of the things to look out for are its weight, dustbag capacity and HEPA filtration system. Unlike bagless vacuums, these types offer a lot of useful features like larger dust bag capacity and a hygienic approach to emptying its contents.

Our Top Picks For The Best Bagged Vacuums


9) Pet-Friendly Kenmore Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 31150

Say goodbye to pet hairs, dust, allergens, and other particulate matter with this vacuum. It comes with a powerful 3-D inducer motor that gives powerful cleaning capability, unlike the standard vacs. It is maintenance-free, thanks to the beltless agitator that comes with this model. What’s more, its Infrared dirt sensor automatically turns on the LED light when it perceives debris and specks of dust, ensuring you a precise cleaning job. On top of that, is the triple HEPA filter system that is capable of clearing almost all of the particulate matters, dander, dust, and other debris. This vac also comes with a telescopic wand enabling you to clean hard-to-reach spaces such as high-up shelves, steep stairways, and tight corners. With a 35-foot power cord, you can reach a farther distance for a continuous and uninterrupted cleaning operation. Like ordinary vacuums, this model is complete with useful tools and accessories.

8) Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It is quite challenging to clean soft and velvety carpets in your home. For this reason, you need to find a vacuum cleaner that has a powerful cleaning ability yet gentle on carpets. It is capable of digging deep into the carpet and remove stubborn dust and debris, including fine hairs. But the great thing is: it does not ruin the material of your carpet no matter how soft and velvety it is. It comes with a superior cleaning technology and a brush roll with extraordinary bristles that gently yet effectively clean all types of carpets. Its hospital-grade HEPA filtration system keeps the air safe and clean as it filters particulate matters. The extra-long power supply cord allows you to reach quite far without plugging and unplugging the cable. Plus, you don’t have to burden yourself when carrying this machine since it a lightweight bagged vacuum and handy to operate.

7) Eureka Mighty Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Pet

If you want a thorough and efficient dust-free cleaning, then this model is ideal for you. With a weight of nine pounds, this vac is quite portable and handy. You can carry it around the house or even up and down the stairs without exerting much effort. Its 9-amp power gives this model a powerful suction that is capable of deep cleaning, i.e., and it picks up deep-seated dirt and hairs on the carpets and crevices. What makes this vac incredibly efficient is its 20-foot long hose, which is long enough to allow you to reach higher surfaces. Accompanying this tool is a blower port that will enable you to blow debris from your garage or workshop floors easily. Like most other canister vacs, dust bags of this device are also quite easy to remove. Thus, there’s literally no fuss in replacing them at all. Like other vacs in the market, this model comes with a plethora of useful tools and accessories for an excellent cleaning job.

6) Bissell Corded Canister Vacuum, 4122

Are you looking for a sleek and fashionable vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to meet your strict cleaning needs? Then this maroon-colored vac is just right for you. It is convenient and lightweight. Therefore, moving around or climbing up and down the stairs is not much of a hassle. An ergonomic handle makes it more convenient to carry this tool. Its Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle has a powerful suction ability that can incredibly clean bare floor, carpets, and rugs.

Moreover, this model comes with a telescopic wand, ideal in cleaning high-area surfaces as well as reaching difficult to reach corners under the bed and furniture. Another great feature of this vac is its full bag indicator. It lets you work continuously without checking whether the bag is full since an alarm will automatically call your attention when it needs replacement. Lastly, when you finish cleaning the automatic cord rewind will automatically take care of the cord; simply push the button.

5) SEBO Automatic X5 Upright Vacuum, Corded

Housecleaning takes a lot of time and effort. Apart from its sleek design and color, this corded vac boosts its superior quality and optimum performance in deep cleaning carpets and hard floors, thanks to its advanced electronic controller. Not only that, but this controller also comes with a warning device that automatically alarms the user when problems occur. Some of these problems are full bags, tangles on the brush roller, clogs, and worn brush. Also, it shuts down automatically when the vacuum is having critical issues; thus, protecting its motor and belt from further damage. Another impressive feature of this vac is its instant-use wand and suction hose that can reach out far spaces underneath the bed and furniture as well as corners and crevices. On top of that, it offers a lifetime warranty for its belts.

4) Hoover Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner takes over and does the task with efficiency and excellence. So, if you are searching for a portable and powerful vacuum cleaner, try this type of vac. This model is lightweight and easy to carry around or going up and down the stairs. The built-in blower makes this unit versatile when it comes to cleaning and retaining the cleanliness of your carpets and luster of your floor surfaces. Its extra-wide cleaning path enables you to cover vast areas with fewer movement. Its 33-foot length cord allows you to clean extended distance without plugging and unplugging the cable. Another feature this unit includes is a reusable commercial cloth bag that has a paper option. One more thing, this vac also includes various tools and accessories for more efficient cleaning.

3) Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL

This type of vacuum is for commercial use, but its powerful cleaning performance does not limit to industrial purposes only. However, one of the great things about industrial vacuums is that, unlike residential vacs, they tend to be more robust, powerful and long-lasting. You can very well use it in your home to clean both carpet and floor. Unlike its upright counterpart that weighs 15 pounds or more, this model only weighs 8 pounds for easy mobility. Similar to its cousins, this upright vacuum cleaner comes with a 12-inch-wide cleaning path. It enables you to clean a vast area with less passing actions. It is suitable for cleaning low pile carpet and requires a smaller storage space. For maximum convenience, a Helping Hand handle comes along with this unit; thus, receiving Ease-of-Use commendation from Arthritis Foundation. Furthermore, this vac offers an automatic floor adjustment for easy maneuverability, like switching from carpet to hard surfaces. On top of that, this vac provides a variety of accessories and tools like balanced brush roll with double helix brushes.

2) Sanitaire Commercial Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike a standard upright vacuum, this is a lightweight model to allow for easy mobility and maneuvering. It is cost-efficient as it comes with a fabric reusable shake-out bag. Hence, there is no need to buy replacement bags. This unit is capable of pushing and storing dust and debris into its standard filtration fabric bag (up to 18 quarts). Another excellent feature of this machine is the automatic locking system on its handle for maximum usability. The 30-foot power supply cord that comes along with this unit allows the user to clean a wider coverage area without constant interruption. Simply plug and unplug the machine if you intend to clean farther spaces. Additionally, this unit has cord-wrap hooks on its handle to keep the cord in place when not in use. On top of that, its switch is foot-operated for easy maneuverability.

1) Hoover Bagged and Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner, UH72400

Among the many types of Upright vacuum cleaner on the market, this model stands out. You can have it at a meager and reasonable price. This model comes with an equally powerful machine that can deep clean carpets as well as hard floors quite easily. Height adjustments are not an issue; this machine can automatically adjust to any heights. So it enables you to clean without disruption as soon as you shift surfaces. With the help of WindTunnel Technology, it provides three suction channels for various sizes and types of debris. Its multi-cyclone design takes care of the filters. In this way, you dont have to worry about it getting too dirty after a robust cleaning activity. One downside is that it lacks accessories and tools since it only offers a 2-in-1 device.

Bagged vs. Bagless - A Buying Guide

The method of dirt disposal of your vacuum cleaner is essential when choosing the type of vac you will buy, whether it is bagged or bagless.

Both these types of vacuums share similar functions and performance; though, some brands produce better quality by adding advanced features, tools, and accessories.

Despite the similarities, each vacuum cleaner has its distinction, such as the method of disposal. Whichever you choose bagged or bagless, both have their benefits and drawbacks.