Top 9 Best Steam Vacuum Cleaners in 2021

It is always important to have the best steam vacuum cleaners if you want to sanitize your carpets and get rid of tough stains. Steam mops take some time to heat up the water and it also produces a precise steam temperature. But once it heats up, it effectively disinfects and rids of bacteria, dirt and other pet messes. What’s more, it is safe for your children or pets because it doesn’t use harmful chemicals. Lastly, it has a large tank to hold adequate amount of water to finish the task successfully.

Our Top 9 Picks for The Best Steam Vacuum Cleaners


Bissell Pet Vacuum and Mop, with Carpet Shampooer

This vacuum is large and looks really like an upright vac, but it weighs much lighter than that. It comes with a Lift-Off technology that allows you to use this versatile machine in two ways. You can either use it as a regular upright vac or as a portable spot cleaner. With a 3/4 gallon tank capacity, you can clean the entire room with lesser refilling. Thus, it expedites your cleaning tasks. The Power Brushes provide thick bristles and enable the machine to dig deep into the carpet and remove deeply embedded dust. The Heatwave technology maintains steady water temperature for a non-stop steam operation.  Moreover, the 6-foot hose extends your reach, allowing you to clean tight spaces as well as above-ground surfaces easily. On top of that, this model offers carpet cleaning formulas and shampoos that help you disinfect your entire house and remove tough grimes and stains.


BISSELL Carpet Vacuum Cleaner for Pets

Despite its bigger design and built, this cleaner is one of the lightest cleaning machines on the market. At 12 pounds, this machine is quite light, making it easy to maneuver on various floor surfaces. It comes with dual dirt lifter power brushes and heatwave technology working together to tackle tough stains, pet messes, and bacteria-causing odors. Its Clean-Shot Pretreated delivers a concentrated solution to attack stubborn stains and pet messes. The new and improved Express Clean Mode cleans and dries up carpets in just 30 minutes.

Moreover, the 2-in-one pet upholstery tool allows you to clean in both wet and dry modes to remove pet hair, stains, liquid spills, and pet odor. The 20-foot power cord length will enable you to move around conveniently for efficient floor-to-ceiling cleaning performance. Lastly, this model offers a .5-gallon tank capacity that is large enough to clean a small to medium-sized room without interruption.


Hoover Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer for Stairs

This steam cleaner is specially designed to clean fabric and carpet surfaces in your home. It comes with a Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe that takes care of your carpets, extending its life and appearance. Its spin scrub brush system loosens and digs deep into the carpet to remove the toughest dirt and stains. The Dual Tank Technology separates clean and dirty water for easy filling, emptying, and cleaning. Another remarkable feature is the Heat Force that rapidly dries up carpets and other surfaces, as it picks up stubborn stains and debris. Its automatic Detergent Mixing System provides the exact mixture of detergent and water for superior cleaning results. The 20-foot power cord length extends your reach, giving you the freedom to move around the room with ease. Also, the 8-foot hose allows you to clean hard-to-reach spaces and low flight stair surfaces. Lastly, this model offers a 2-year limited warranty.


Bissell Hard Floor Steamer and Vacuum

This Bissell floor mop vacuum delivers unmatched steam power that efficiently cleans and expels fresh scent inside your house. It comes with a flip-down natural scrubber brush that loosens and removes tough dirt and other messes on the floor. The SmartSet Control allows you to choose the appropriate steam power for use on various floor surfaces. As a result, the natural steam sanitizes and disinfects your floors quite efficiently.  It eliminates odor-causing bacteria and germs without using harmful chemicals. Its swivel steering technology enables the device to easily maneuver under furniture, appliances, and other hard-to-reach spaces. Besides, this machine offers a 23-foot power supply cord that gives you the freedom to move around the room. For more prolonged steaming operation, this device provides a large water tank capacity capable of holding 12 oz water. On top of that, this steam cleaner includes a set of accessories such as the spring breeze fragrance disc for enhanced steaming performance.


Shark Hard Floor Steam Mop

If you want an effortless way to clean and maintain a polished-looking floor without hard scrubbing, then this machine is perfect for you. It offers a 1200-watt boiler that provides non-stop steam for longer cleaning tasks. Besides, the lightweight body enables you to move and maneuver the machine with ease. The tank offers a 350 ml water capacity and a 20-minute steaming action. Moreover, the steam temperature reaches up to 200˚F, which is hot enough to kill odor-causing bacteria, germs, and microbes.  The blaster technology directly blasts steam to heavily stained areas to loosen and remove stubborn grimes and dirt. This steam cleaner does not use harmful chemicals or detergents that may damage the pads. Additionally, it delivers three steam setting control that enables you to adjust the steam flow to match with the cleaning task you want. Lastly, it offers a 22-foot power cord length that extends your reach and lets you move around the room with ease.


Bissell Professional Carpet Cleaner

This carpet cleaner is the most advanced and improved cleaning machine. With its impressive design and features, it surpasses even the leading carpet cleaners. It efficiently removes ground-in dust, dirt, and debris using its powerful motor, extra-large power brush, and superior suction strength. The two tanks separate clean and dirty water for easy cleanup and refill. Another notable feature is the Quick Dry system that rapidly dries up surfaces for a speedy cleanup performance.

Moreover, this machine comes with durable materials to give you a sturdy and long-lasting device. The 9-foot hose gives you more freedom to clean hard-to-reach spaces for efficient floor-to-ceiling cleaning. Its 25-foot power cord length allows you to move from room to room with fewer trips to the mainline to unplug the cord. The Professional Deep Cleaning Formula offers a professional-grade cleaning result while protecting your carpet from future stains.


Hoover Lightweight Pet Compact Carpet Steamer

This superior pet carpet cleaner directly engages with tough pet messes and everyday dust, dirt, and stains. The new and enhanced power spin pet brush roll delivers a superior cleaning power that concentrates on high traffic areas. The PowerDash works together with the HeatForce system to speed up the drying process on any surfaces. Another remarkable feature is its sleek and lightweight design. These features make it useful for precise and thorough cleaning and storage. Besides, this model offers a dual tank system, which separates clean and dirty water to empty, clean, and refill. The D-shape and plastic grip handle ensure a firm and non-slip grip, making this device safe to use. Its removable nozzles enable you to clean and remove dirt and grime easily. Lastly, this model offers two free trial-sized solutions that are tough on dirt yet gentle on your carpets. These solutions clean and protect your carpet from future stains.


Rug Doctor Might Pro X3 Family Pack Vacuum

This carpet cleaner is an improved and advanced model ideal for home users. The ProX3 machine enables you to gently and effectively deep clean carpets and upholstery as well. It comes with Triple-Action Vibrating Brush that thoroughly cleans each carpet piles for a softer, cleaner, and more polished look. Moreover, this machine offers a large tank capacity that can hold up to 3.9 gallons of water. It means now you can clean longer with less refilling and emptying.  Its handheld soft-surface versatility tool can deep clean, soft surfaces, such as carpets, sofas, couches, pet beds, car seats, etc. The enhanced water suction power picks up dirt or grimes and pushes them to the recovery tank. This machine delivers a 22-foot power cord length to clean vast space. It gives you the freedom to maneuver with lesser unplugging and plugging the cord.


Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Steamer

This is a relatively affordable carpet cleaner, yet it delivers superior cleaning performance. The automatic cleaning technology cleans by itself as it transitions from the wash to its dry process. This feature allows the machine to clean up when you push it forward. However, when you pull it back, it automatically dries up carpet or floor surfaces. The lower cleaner head allows you to maneuver under furniture, appliances, or bed. Also, this device delivers two tanks that separate clean and dirty water. As a result, it allows you to empty, clean, and refill the tank quickly. Its 12-inch cleaning width and the single-pass cleaning system speed up your cleaning task.

Furthermore, it does not include trigger buttons to press continuously for operating the machine. The power on/off switch is the only button you need to press. Its auto mix feature automatically mixes the solution for maximum washing and cleaning tasks.


Effectiveness of Heating Elements

Using a steam vacuum is the best and easy way to clean surfaces inside your home. With the right heating element, you can conveniently sanitize all areas around you. While buying a steam vacuum, make sure it produces a steam temperature of up to 210º F. This is ideal for sanitizing carpets and removing the toughest stain on various surfaces. For large homes, find a vacuum that offers steam temperature up to 298º F. Make sure it provides uninterrupted steam power for extended cleaning and sanitizing operation.



If you want a versatile steam vacuum cleaner that you can use on various surfaces, then find one that offers a set of cleaning brushes. Such brushes play a significant role in any steam cleaning process because they tend to remove dirt and deposits from various types of surfaces. They improve the power and cleaning capabilities of the machine. The brass brushes are sturdy and very useful in cleaning grout, grills, and commercial kitchen countertops. The nylon brushes, on the other hand, are soft and ideal for various surfaces and more delicate cleaning tasks. 



A steam vacuum does not just sanitize your home, but it also removes dirt and debris on various surfaces. When you buy a steam vacuum, look for the device that acts as a steam cleaner as well as a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.  Check if the suction power is strong enough to pick up debris, crumbs, and liquid spills on various surfaces. Some of the steam vacs offer a superior suction power that is not suitable for other surfaces. For that reason, it is essential to find a machine with suction power control. This is to adjust the suction strength to match with the type of surface you are cleaning.


The Capacity of Tanks or Reservoirs

Tank capacity is an integral part of a steam cleaner. Bear in mind that steam cleaner only provides steam as long as there is water. It means you need a tank that can hold enough water to withstand the duration of the cleaning operation. If you want a non-stop cleaning process, choose the machine that offers larger tank capacity. As a general rule, a small tank heats up faster than a large container. However, having a smaller reservoir means you need to refill it more often, even in the middle of your task.


Steam Mops

Steam mops efficiently sanitize your homes. It eliminates dirt, grimes, and bacteria on various surfaces. It cleans and disinfects without using harmful chemicals, making it ideal for people with allergies, children, and pets. Besides, steam mops do not require buckets of water since the tanks contain sufficient water for the entire cleaning operation.  When cleaning the room, the steam evaporates faster, so it takes less time to dry up the surface of your floor.


Cylinder Steam Cleaners

Cylinder steam cleaners are larger than steam mops. It is very efficient in cleaning and sanitizing lots of areas in your home. Since it is a large machine, it provides a big tank capacity. In this way, it can hold a large amount of water to sustain more prolonged cleaning operations. This type of cleaner usually includes a variety of attachments for various types of surfaces. Moreover, this machine does not use harmful chemicals and detergents, making it safe for you, the children, and your pets.


Time to Heat up a Full Tank

The time it takes to heat the water is one of the most essential things to consider. Usually, most standard vacuums heat up within 7 to 15 minutes. However, with the advent of technology, some steam cleaners heat up as fast as 5 minutes. When you buy a steam cleaner, find one that heats up more quickly because quick heat-up means speedy cleanup performance.